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Imaginary Friends by CrazyMessic
Imaginary Friendsby CrazyMessic
Meet your alphabet friends--every word you see have a meaning. WARNING: THIS BOOK IS NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK.
Max was abused by MissyGlissy
Max was abusedby Missy Glissy
this is a story that a boy was abused but he was sent to a summer camp
Untitled Part 1 by xnelii
Untitled Part 1by xnelii
"Let your feelings flow and trust your heart" But that's how you got hurt last time, this can't work. You lost all your passion and inspiration for the things...
The death games by RickVeerman
The death gamesby ItsJustMe!
In this story a group of 10 people will battle for their life's! 10 random people all over the world Are just living their regular life's when suddenly everything gets...
Prohibited  by That_Perfect_Boy
Prohibited by That Perfect Boy
HIM He wished it wasn't him. Him? His boss, no actually son of his hero. Who loved him, whom he loved but why? Because that man was hot, sexy and altogether a caring lo...
Reflect by xdimika
Reflectby xdimika
Demetria (Demi/Kimi) Rose Myrnette, tries to find her true self. She wants to know who she was before the accident happened, how her life had gone from good to bad. No...
My Best Friend Is A Stranger by QuietUnwantedShadow
My Best Friend Is A Strangerby QuietUnwantedShadow
He used to be so nerdy and awkward. He had braces and suspenders. But now, He's the ultimate bad boy. Leather jackets and ripped jeans and straight, white teeth. He has...
A Love Triangle by SadieKayKay
A Love Triangleby Sadie Kay
How does this end ? Too much temptation? Too much lust? It's all fun Until someone gets hurt. All FeedBack Is greatly appreciated. 💕 Enjoy
Power by laurenamyadams
Powerby Lauren Adams
After being picked up off the street by one of London's biggest drug gang's, Lara lived a life of luxury. She had designer clothes, any cosmetic surgery that she wanted...
Walking with dinosaurs by Peachycane
Walking with dinosaursby Lokie star
Dinosaurs lived 90 thousand years ago. Back then there was no stores or women,men or children just Dinosaurs.All they ate was leaves, they sometimes eat other dinosaurs