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Daddy's Girl by sawmstars
Daddy's Girlby sawmstars
Drike ဆိုသည့်အမျိူးသားဟာ Lightroomဆိုသည့်company ပေါင်းများစွာပိုင်သလို darkroom လောင်းကစားဝိုင်းနှင့် ကလပ်တွေကိုပိုင်ဆိုင်ထားသူလဲ ဖြစ်သည်...မိန်းမလှလေးတွေဝိုင်းဝိုင်းလည...
Souls Tied  by sihle0071
Souls Tied by sarcastic.vibes.only ♡
'Who knew me celebrating my sister's wedding to rejoice and enjoy the wedding jingles and all that nonsense will lead me to coming back a married woman?' What happens wh...
Crawl To Me by MilaRoe
Crawl To Meby Mila Roe
Once a month Mia meets Don for a steamy night in a hotel room so he can remind her that she belongs to him. Warning: 18+ Only, Intense Graphic Content
D A N G E R O U S | 🍋 | MHA | Dabi × Reader  by ireadsmutatwork
D A N G E R O U S | 🍋 | MHA | Dani B.
Dabi finally meets someone whose unhinged mind matches his. Explicit mature content 🔞 Neither MHA nor the fanart belong to me.
Clouds (MxM) by IceSlugs
Clouds (MxM)by C.M.
"When you're friends with someone for over 10 years, you never even begin to think about losing them." Tommy and Sam grew up together in a small town in Illino...
when beauty meet beast by MelodyCeriola
when beauty meet beastby Melody Ceriola
this story isn't mine for offline reading only FULL CREDIT TO THE AUTHOR Lin Nuannuan never expected to transmigrate from a simple bath! She could handle that, but why...
Burnouts 2: Without Butterflies by Part-Time-Author
Burnouts 2: Without Butterfliesby Me, an intellectual?
Summer is over, the privileged are back from their vacation homes, and the misfits are back...on the train to the Upper East Side. Tensions are higher than ever as they...
Burnouts by Part-Time-Author
Burnoutsby Me, an intellectual?
Trust fund babies and the less fortunate coexisting through the turmoil of relationships, friends, drugs, and sex ... basically the normal 1990s teen antics.
Long Ago and Far Away  by qazxcer76
Long Ago and Far Away by David A.
Kingdoms, Greed, Billie Eilish and Pirates. Oh my!
Beg Me by StephanieBrown89
Beg Meby StephanieBrown89
Attraction is a weird thing especially when you are attracted to the one guy who has always bullied you. Beth is plagued by memories of the time that she spent with he...
Teen Years - Big Mouth (Updated Version) by trash_rigby
Teen Years - Big Mouth (Updated ellie
Dylan Anderson was an average high schooler, doing the usual. Arson, theft, minor assault (and sometimes battery). She stood out from a crowd though. Her aesthetic match...
A Wolf's Revenge #Watty's2015 by OnlyWicked
A Wolf's Revenge #Watty's2015by Jel
Harmony is a Wolf, not the Werewolf that are tamed but a full blooded Lycan. She should be a feral Alpha-Female that is worthy of any Alpha-Male. But she isn't she almos...
LACUNA | YOONMINby The Min's Yónmin
Lacuna (n. latin) : An unfilled space or interval; a gap; a missing portion in a book or manuscript. Melancholic, romantic comedy Yoonmin fiction. +18 Cover design mad...
GAGGED by LeoGay
Kevin finds himself tied up and gagged in a stranger's basement who intends to make him their sex slave to Kevin's enjoyment. But when Kevin meets another kidnapped boy...
Her Slave by CatsForLife123
Her Slaveby CatsForLife123
When 17yr old Gwen starts her new school. She never thought she'd become the lust of her 45yr old science teacher! How will it play out? Read to find a out!!
Let's Play by TairimiaBlount
Let's Playby Tairimia Blount
We meet every year for one night of passion. I don't say his name and he doesn't say mine. For one night we are strangers out to have a good time.
Kookmin World by STOrange262
Kookmin Worldby Haruhi Rina
"Welcome, first time with Jikook ?" -JM/JK This is all about Jikook good shits 👀👌 Just Jikook shipper is allowed here or I will flykick your ass outta here t...
WARRANTY by MarilynnHarperWrites
WARRANTYby Marilynn Harper
All matress deliveries should end this way...after all, it's under warranty
Walk Through Hellfire by thecovenofthedonovan
Walk Through Hellfireby TheCovenOfTheDonovan
Welcome to the sequel to Light My Hellfire where we follow Y/N and Eddie. We pick back up following the ending to Volume 1! What challenges will Eddie and Y/N face? Will...
YOUR MY OBSESSION (ENGLISH)  by jinggamatahari26
Arthur Davidson accidentally met Valery Ashley at an engagement event. Since that day Arthur continues to search for Valery's whereabouts, he is so obsessed with having...