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Royal Romance by OhJustSomeone
Royal Romanceby OhJustSomeone
Cheesecake Cookie invites several of her pals to a large party at her manor, including Princess, Knight, Pistachio and White Choco Cookie. Knight Cookie planned on leavi...
Sending Cookies to the Backrooms by RougetheFanCat
Sending Cookies to the Backroomsby Rouge
What the title says. Requests are OPEN! More info in the first chapter. Format is in lists with the occasional story Different format than the one on Ao3 (for the sake o...
Nightfall Collywobbles (Rewritten) by Lavasteam
Nightfall Collywobbles (Rewritten)by Lavasteam
It is almost midnight, Blackberry prepares to drift off for the night. But suddenly, Onion Cookie wakes up sobbing for a certain reason. However, it was not a nightmare...
restart  by fairyfloodz
restart by ❀𝑠𝑒𝑎 𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒❀
Do NOT rewrite/copy my storie without proper permission. addy and his best Friend attempt to escape their horrid future and start a new life, will they make? it or will...
Blackberry, Please, Come Home by cookierunfunny
Blackberry, Please, Come Homeby CEO of StrawBright™︎
A one-shot in which Blackberry Cookie goes to fight the jellywalkers.
Love is like a rope, darling~. *Adventurer Cookie x Reader* by damienok
Love is like a rope, darling~. * damien lol
lol this story is for fun dont come at me pls- *THIS STORY CAN CONTAIN LEMON SO BE PREPARED* (W.I.P)
Late Night Bar-Talks by 0TheFrenchiestFry0
Late Night Bar-Talksby moved to 0plushrabbit0 !
Adventurer stops by the bar with the kind bartender, and decides to ramble a bit. Sparkling doesn't mind. (X posted to Ao3!)
Little Ghost  by Owlhouseships3
Little Ghost by OI FOR FOCKS SAKE
A short story about Blackberry and Onion Cookie This will probably have 2 chapters
The rich and the maid (AdvenBerry) by GrayandTingx0
The rich and the maid (AdvenBerry)by Gray
After his mother's pass, Adventurer's father made great success in business. Him and his two sisters, along with his father, move into a mansion, there, a certain maid c...
The Coffee Shop(Adventurer Cookie x Herb Cookie) by QuincyArrowed
The Coffee Shop(Adventurer Quincy
What'll you do, when you fall in love with a man you met in a coffee shop? ...
ghosty friend  (Discontinue) by Inotalrizha
ghosty friend (Discontinue)by inotalrizha
poison mushroom and licorice were on a walk untill they got separated, after walking for awhile poison mushroom stumble upon a graveyard where they meet a little ghost c...
adventurer vs spodr lady (crackfic) by LameLaniii
adventurer vs spodr lady (crackfic)by nerd
Crob Little Sibling Scenarios by SmurfettePines
Crob Little Sibling Scenariosby ChristianNightcore💖
OOC WARNING Who will be here: Hero Sparkling Herb Cinnamon Knight Tiger Lily Princess Mustard/Adventurer (I hc them as siblings) Gingerbrave/Bright (again, they're sibli...
The Letters are Out by Nolimepandare004
The Letters are Outby Panda
Based on a Book and Film about a A teenage girl's love letters are exposed and wreak havoc on her life. Now it's Time to tell a story of a Cookie who writes love letters...