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Kookv deadly obsessed  by HanaAlicia3
Kookv deadly obsessed by kookie and his taetae
is a story which jungkook is the father of taehyung who's obsessed with his own son . Started writing = 13 November 2021
My Best Friends Dad by brokengirlz01
My Best Friends Dadby Broken girls club
Lexi: 17 Sweet, caring, beautiful Blake: 38 Cruel, cold, billionaire " Blake I- I think we should stop, your my best friends dad" " tell me this then Lex...
Psycho love  by TKmylife
Psycho love by tkMyliFe
my love is psycho . . . . . Started 16sep22 Ended ????? Note : ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE SO IGNORE MISTAKES
My Dads Boss by brokengirlz01
My Dads Bossby Broken girls club
Lexi is 17 sweet, innocent, loving Blake(her dads boss)28 heartless, billionaire, ceo "Blake I-i don't think we should do this your my dads boss" " the...
One-Shots |18+| by snow_tinkerbell_
One-Shots |18+|by Marietta_
My first one shots as though they have mostly characters from my book in other account further it will be be full of romance, dark-romance, revenge, rejection, bestfrien...
On The Road Of Love ( Phantoms Souls MC) by lnlopez
On The Road Of Love ( Phantoms Nancy Lopez
Sadie Miller is a 21 year old women who has built a wall of steel around her heart in order to protect her three sister and herself. Will Sadie be able let go of the re...
Someday (JHope fanfic) by LuxElorac
Someday (JHope fanfic)by LuxElorac
Carina and Aurora, 2 best friends, spend their weekend in Berlin to attend their first BTS Concert. Who will they meet and what can come out of it?
My mark on your neck 2 by harikarthikeyan
My mark on your neck 2by Harikarthikeyan
Krist×singto... It was continuation of My mark on your neck...
𝐁𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐒 by feghty
𝐁𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐒by feghty
"You are gullible Miss Adonis you don't belong in this place. Rich little girl who ran away at home" He looks at me like I'm dumb. "I don't know you and...
VELVET by annalise302
VELVETby xander
"Wh-who-o are you-u?" Velvet asked fearfully,unable to form a proper sentence as sweat was dripping out of her head.she was standing two miles away from couch...
Ment To Be by kw12382
Ment To Beby Always Adore You
I was 13 when i started this story so the ages are young and I'm changing the ages to make it better.
Echo by niah1838
Echoby niah
Echo such a beautiful young lady. Her beauty can bring any men down to her knees without her even trying. Although she is very kind and innocent at one point she will s...
The Baby Doll Chronicles by DumBuni
The Baby Doll Chroniclesby Dani
Zela Marshall has always been the good quiet sweet little church girl with perfect grades from a perfect military family but as she blows out the candles on her 18th bir...
Lilith's Curse  by angelsky_21
Lilith's Curse by Angel
Lilith Anderson. She lives a normal life like everyone else does and plays her part, until one day on her first day of school she meets a professor, one she can't lay he...