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Agent Riptide(PJO/ Avengers/SHIELD) by Nyssa_Demigod
Agent Riptide(PJO/ Avengers/SHIELD)by Aasha
Percy has a troubled past on mortal record but when he is recruited by SHEILD for his marine biology expertise and his fighting skills he is overjoyed. Annabeth is recru...
The New Romanoff  by CartoonUniverse24
The New Romanoff by Cartoon Universe
After a mission, Natasha Romanoff is totally changed. And her teammates observe that. What made the sudden change? Is that the real Natasha Romanoff or an impostor who w...
Hydra madness  by CartoonUniverse24
Hydra madness by Cartoon Universe
Book number three. Everything was back to normal. Clint had his children back, Natasha wasn't feared by her family. Well, almost back to normal.Natasha now has Elizabeth...
First Mission by MarieStark_15
First Missionby MarieStark
Cassie Thomas is a skilled SHIELD agent who has frequented missions with the Avengers. When a few of them are called into action to neutralize a small threat will the te...
Together or apart by philinda_biatch
Together or apartby Philinda Biatch
It was just one night. Just one. I left before he woke up. Forgot about it. It wasn't supposed to go this way. It was only a one time thing. He had almost died, for god'...