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I'll put a spell on you/ Aidan turner X reader by StephanieArmstrong83
I'll put a spell on you/ Aidan Steph
I'll put a spell on you You'll fall asleep When I put a spell on you And when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see And you'll realize that you love me
How one Irishman changed your life/ Asian turner x reader by StephanieArmstrong83
How one Irishman changed your Steph
You got a job as one of the main characters of the being human show so you go to Bristol and act but what you didn't know is that you will fall the charming Irish actor...
Ireland vs England  by StephanieArmstrong83
Ireland vs England by Steph
Tom and Aidan like you and you like them but who are you gonna choose. Read on to find out.
Summer love  by StephanieArmstrong83
Summer love by Steph
You went to Ireland for the summer and met Aidan turner and well you know what happens but the question is will the relationship last more then summer or will it end bef...
Dancing With Aidan by partipatil05
Dancing With Aidanby partipatil05
Parti Imagines: Aidan Turner is your Dance Instructor. Dancing with a partner has a way of bringing people closer together. This case is no different. He chose you as hi...