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The Flash (Danmachi x OC) by Sora_Flashing12
The Flash (Danmachi x OC)by Vgeaks
Sora Yatagami was a former member of Zeus Familia. When the Zeus Familia was wiped out by the black dragon, Sora decided to find a new Familia to join. Sora promise Zeus...
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Bell's secret girlfriend by mariohiginio
Bell's secret girlfriendby mario higinio
What happens when bell reveals that he has a girlfriend how will the girls in love with bell react and how will he's girlfriend react when she finds out that there's oth...
The Perfect Human in a Fantasy World by ZdattyGames
The Perfect Human in a Fantasy ZdaTTy
Ayanokōji Kiyotaka had just finished another day of class at his Koudo Ikusei High School which he joined not long ago. Going to the library to look for something to rea...
Is it wrong to be an Eminence in the Shadows? by ZdattyGames
Is it wrong to be an Eminence in ZdaTTy
Bell heard several stories of his grandfather's heroes. But there was one that caught his attention. At that time he had made up his mind. Hero? No, this is too boring...
Holy Branches by NHolthaus
Holy Branchesby Suahtloh
TBoZ Spin-off: What if, too weak-willed to go along with the doctor's plans, Zeus doesn't perform the divination ritual to save Bell's life and instead sends for a branc...
Rabbit return by izuochashiper42
Rabbit returnby EndyFRT
bell lost everything but he manage to learn the secret of time travel what will happen? will it change? or will it just stay the same? read and find out i'm an anime onl...
Is it wrong for slimes to be in dungeons? (revised) by NNNNNNEE
Is it wrong for slimes to be in My goals are beyond your unde...
(spoiler warnings for vol 12 of the lightnovel for Tensei slime) Danmachi x TSSDK A country loses its king, and another gains a final boss. Having died in the war with...
Just A Wandering Hero(Danmachi x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
Just A Wandering Hero(Danmachi x Tired Boi
In a world where a phenomenon of human beings possessing supernatural powers called "Quirks". Izuku Midoriya who is a quirkless young boy that dreamed of becom...
Flaming Lotus of Justice (Danmachi) by HirokuEmiyo
Flaming Lotus of Justice (Danmachi)by HirokuEmiyo
After a Heartbreaking Movie, Our 16 years old Boy had been a Part of a Accident on his way Home, Resulting him to transfer in a place he didn't expect, Follow him as he...
The former assassin meets dungeon by Balt72
The former assassin meets dungeonby Balt72
Ones a kid assassin fighting for what he believes in and living the double life for it. One for the kid of his parents and the other the killer or bother to his team. On...
Danmachi's Autumn by Kaitou-Kid1412
Danmachi's Autumnby くろば、かいと
Kaedehara Kazuha in Danmachi, some changes has been implemented for plot convenience like bell gender bend as Belle. btw if you don't know who kaedehara kazuha is watch...
Danmachi: The Grand Reaper by KneeOil
Danmachi: The Grand Reaperby KneeOil
Death's right hand crawls out of the pits of Tartarus.
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The Redemption of the Shadow Monarch by ZdattyGames
The Redemption of the Shadow ZdaTTy
The Dungeon was completed and the Black One-Eyed Dragon was defeated. Everyone thought that all problems were finally over. However, it was only the beginning of everyth...
Is it wrong for a God of Calamity to be an Adventurer? by ZdattyGames
Is it wrong for a God of ZdaTTy
"Minor Gods." This is what the Gods that were born out of people's desires were called. Bell Cranel was a normal adventurer in the eyes of all adventurers. How...
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon: A Fox's Tale by theimaginater
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up imagine stories
Instead of focusing on white rabbit's tale. We are taken on the perspective of unique fox as he takes on the world full of magic, monsters and different races of people...
Danmachi - The Dragon Heir by TelenovaGaming
Danmachi - The Dragon Heirby Ashborn
Danmachi - -The remnants of the Zeus Familia are back in Orario. The one-eyed Black dragon has been sighted. Follow the journey of Bell Cranel and see meet hi...
Throne of crimson light by ThoughtfulForest
Throne of crimson lightby Thoughtful Forest
Formerly known as Is it wrong to be a master/magus in the dungeon? He died, but he was given a new life. One where he can live once more with a lifelong companion that w...
Great Spirit of the Skies by NHolthaus
Great Spirit of the Skiesby Suahtloh
Perhaps, Bell did not have the luck of the march rabbit. Perhaps, the disease that took his mother was bound by a gene that was a little more dominant than some would li...
The Strongest Familia In History by BellCranel1234
The Strongest Familia In Historyby Pranav Jarhad
In this story the Zeus and Hera familia will complete all of the 3 great quests, without any deaths and Zard, Asfia and Meterina will not be sick.
From Thief to an Adventurer (DanMachi) by _--Aaron--_
From Thief to an Adventurer ( Aaron
Ken was one of your usual run-in-the mill thief, well lousy would be the better word. Surviving and living his days on whatever he could get his hands on. But he never c...