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Limerence  - Izana x OC by Ailwynnruee
Limerence - Izana x OCby Ailwyn Rue
The duke was known for having only one child, a son who sadly died at the young age of 18. However, Rumours had been spreading around that there was another child, but...
Unfamiliar: Obi x OC snow white with the red hair fanfiction by 1Nightingale1
Unfamiliar: Obi x OC snow white wi...by - Nightingale -
Cress is an assassin. Always looking for jobs to take on. Getting used. By then she has learned that she can't trust anyone, maybe not even herself. As a result, her hea...
The Blacksmith [Zen Wisteria X Reader] by SurveyCorpsMember
The Blacksmith [Zen Wisteria X Rea...by SurveyCorpsMember
You're Shiryuki's friend, a blacksmith who worked at Tanburn. When Shiryuki goes missing you test your loyalty and go after her... while getting in trouble along the way...
SYN OF CLARINES • Akagami No Shirayukihime by StormishWolf
SYN OF CLARINES • Akagami No Shira...by • 𝐀𝐑𝐄𝐒 •
In which a famous Swordsman/ Blacksmith, along with her sister Shirayuki, follow their red fate. •Akagami no Shirayukihime •Snow White With The Red Hair •Obi x female...
Kiss of Vengeance | 復讐のキス by GirlAlias
Kiss of Vengeance | 復讐のキスby ○●ambibear●○
[Obi x Reader] Set in the Snow White with the Red Hair / Akagami No Shirayuki-hime universe. ❝ At the age of ten, she was given a new identity by the people that took he...
 The Lost Princess › zen wisteria by acelestial_
The Lost Princess › zen wisteriaby jehuin
[C O M P L E T E D] Some of the characters are from me and the others are from the author. I don't own some character. But I own the plot and some characters. Hope you...
A Ryuu x OC fanfic (Discontinued) by Derpfangirl244
A Ryuu x OC fanfic (Discontinued)by C-rin
I thought this was so bad and I was thinking about dropping this but omg the supports ;v; I will do my best so thank you so much for showering me with supports ;o; Hey...
You Can't Leave Again (Obi X Reader) by ProFangirl666
You Can't Leave Again (Obi X Reade...by XxProFangirlxX
This is my debut on wattpad so I hope you all enjoy it. I'm sorry if it's not the best, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for reading! :)
Falling For A Guard || Obi by wh1sp145
Falling For A Guard || Obiby Wh1sp
[Book 1/2] A story about a beautiful red haired girl befriending the princess of the Wistaria family, Misaki Wistaria. =============== ⚠ WARNING ⚠ Please watch Akagami...
Bewitched (Snow White with the Red Hair Fanfic) by castine4578
Bewitched (Snow White with the Red...by Castine Reiss
Lera is the second princess of the Arinos Kingdom which lies just north of Clarines. Realizing her position as one who would never rule her own kingdom, her parents prop...
HUNTED ━━ obi x oc by rinnagin
HUNTED ━━ obi x ocby 𝕶𝖆𝖙𝖊
DISCONTINUED Eighteen-year-old Vela is a skilled assassin who has lived most of her life alone in the woods. After meeting a girl with strange red hair and the second p...
[Re]United by PhoenixReign95
[Re]Unitedby Phoenix Reign
Sonya was just an ordinary herbalist. She knew what she wanted to at was until she met Obi. After becoming close she now decides she wants to be more than just an herbal...
"Assassinly In love" »ANSH« by -R3D_SAKURA-
"Assassinly In love" »ANSH«by Red Nation
A beautiful hair that will remind everyone of Autumn. Thats the colour of [Name]'s long hair. But with her beautiful hair comes with a bloody personality, past and attit...
The Red Haired Assassin. by Rebecca_Tannen
The Red Haired Assassin.by Rebecca Tannen
This is the old version! A red haired assassin named Izumi becomes the aid of the second prince of clarines. She is partnered with Obi. They go on cool adventures and ha...
Shoot Your Shot [Obi X OC] by CJ0340
Shoot Your Shot [Obi X OC]by CJ
Reed Lydia wants to be just an average woman, but life is never that simple. After running away from her duties she somehow finds herself in a neighboring kingdom. This...
Princess ~ ZENYUKI [DISCONTINUED] by sleepweeby
Princess ~ ZENYUKI [DISCONTINUED]by Elizzza
Shirayuki, a girl of royal blood live's with her three siblings and mother who will not allow her eldest daughter have will on her life... Always ordered, she's the busi...
School Days (Zenyuki) DISCONTINUED by I_callthis
School Days (Zenyuki) DISCONTINUEDby ☆Got a secret☆
Its Shirayuki first day back at school. She was an average girl who has rare natural red hair. Zen a boy born with white hair who has been moving places to places gather...
A Wolf With A Dark Past [ Obi X OC ] by KikayKhylle
A Wolf With A Dark Past [ Obi X OC...by khylle
In which a young girl once lived in a normal chilhood until she was abducted by a group of people for unknown reasons but mananged to run away. After meeting the wild an...
" i never thought I'd be in this situation."-Obi  ---  obi x reader~ by IferaWrites
" i never thought I'd be in this s...by IferaDoesWriteSometimes
not sure what I'm doing but I feel like there aren't enough obi x readers and obi x Shirayukis so here is FINALLY the fanfic I have been wanting to make about my favorit...
Another Colorfull Hair by Rosemary2016
Another Colorfull Hairby Shirokashi Iki(Iki)
I was a tailor at King Raj's kingdom. I've a purple hair(as purple as a Grape). Lucky King Raj didn't made me as his I don't know collection. But eventhough, I still fe...