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My Time With You by WaterLilies2000
My Time With Youby ✨Alkaline_Water✨
Heyyy... sooo... this is a collection of Albecrose one shots that I've written. But there's a twist... These are written like one shots, but the first one is kind of a f...
Against The Cold ~ Alberose by seaaganodermaa
Against The Cold ~ Alberoseby ✍︎
WARNING The following story contains gore, violence, and swearing. It is recommended for audiences ages 13 and up. Sucrose and Albedo, the two brightest minds in all of...
Genshin Ship One-Shots by ysa4irene
Genshin Ship One-Shotsby ysa4irene
Despite this being a One-Shot book. There will be no Character x Reader because I say so. There might be ships you don't like so you may skip them. And PLEASE do not com...
Operation Care -Albedo x Sucrose- by Oofiesfanfics
Operation Care -Albedo x Sucrose-by Maya😰
What sucrose needs to make her dr come true is a loving partner.
Chemistry Between Two Alchemists - Albedo x Sucrose by SylvaineNoodle
Chemistry Between Two Sylvaine
Albedo once said that relationships are hard to handle. But one day, he somehow found himself interested in his assistant, Sucrose. He tried to refuse these emotions but...
More than just lab partners - an Alberose fanfiction by Sophitzisgold
More than just lab partners - an Mr. Write Man 🇺🇦
just a humble Alberose/Albecrose fanfiction! Hoyoverse owns the characters, not me Plz like T^T Beautiful cover by Kirin link to their twitter profile: https://twitter.c...
Water Flows Like True Love (Albedo X Sucrose) by Ashul_Z
Water Flows Like True Love ( Ash
A few years after finding Endora, Lumine needs to find someone for taking care of the chaotic ondine. For her own luck, Sucrose is wanting to study ondines and Endora is...
The Dragonspine's Rhapsody  by _shafeeiva_
The Dragonspine's Rhapsody by shafee
Albedo and Sucrose are young alchemists from the Favonius Headquarters. They usually spend time in Dragonspine to cope with their social awkwardness. Due to how close th...
Hopeless by -lemonboiandme-
Hopelessby lemon boi
It felt good, loving him. Even if he only thought of her as his apprentice... everything felt right in the world when it was just the two of them. Sucrose fell hopeless...
Failed experiment (Alberose) by SuSv3nti
Failed experiment (Alberose)by Venti
idk.. credits to the art owner of the cover credits to mihoyo for the characters
The Meaning -Alberose🌹 by cikkasa
The Meaning -Alberose🌹by r
Exploring the myth of the nature, Sucrose wonder herself into the world of alchemy. Learning things and observe it gave her joy...but things get quite interesting when s...
D r e a m s- My Book of Oneshots by SkyliaMorgan
D r e a m s- My Book of Oneshotsby Skylia Morgan
Hehe this is my book of oneshots. I don't have many ideas yet, but I'll keep adding as I get them :) Requests are open, but no 🍋 or mature stuff. Fluff/ angst are open...
Things Change |albedo x sucrose| by SweetSweetCoffee08
Things Change |albedo x sucrose|by SweetSweetCoffee08
Sucrose is not used to working with others. She likes peacefulness and quiet. And that is how it would always be. Until she is given a new boss. Albedo comes to work wit...
Kaeya and his outside friends (Genshin Oneshot) by DJKPHOP
Kaeya and his outside friends ( djkphop
kaeya makes brings his crackhead friends to the dawn winery. diluc is concerned for his brother. thoma tries to diffuse everything, and he fails horribly. albedo just do...
Our new Experiment// Sucrose x Albedo by GenshinableSimp
Our new Experiment// Sucrose x Simp4genshin
Sucrose is Albedo's Alchemy Partner, the two of them are closer then anyone else in Teyvat. However once experiment leads into another with a "new" reaction th...
scattered papers on the table by miilkverse
scattered papers on the tableby ୭♡ৎ
albedo x sucrose one shots • ━ [ on-going ] + genshin impact is owned by mihoyo. this book is not afflicted with the company and the game itself.
wash: the soulmate phenomenon || alberose by sanemisanrio
wash: the soulmate phenomenon || 『✿』
In his world painted with a wash of sienna... and in her world painted with the wash of ultramarine... this sudden connection stood out against it all. - albedo/sucrose ...
Somewhere Only We Know by _cafiieel
Somewhere Only We Knowby cafii taffii
so tell me when your gonna let me in..
Alberose - the necklace by monikathepissdrinker
Alberose - the necklaceby Monika
This fanfic is based of the book and anime called "the good witch of the west" Sixteen year old Sucrose lives in a small cottage somewhere in the woods. She li...
"I Can't Lose You." || Albecrose/Alberose  by kyrinth
"I Can't Lose You." || Albecrose/ kyrin
You'd never expect a simple and shy girl to give up on her dreams would you? But unfortunately, she did. Someone's trying to prevent her sadness from getting worse day b...