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Everybody Looks At Her: A Matlesha Story by matleshaforlife
Everybody Looks At Her: A matleshaforlife
Matthew and Alesha have to save their relationship, with a surprise twist at the end.
Britain's got talent|Millie McCoy  by Keiraw07
Britain's got talent|Millie McCoy by britainsgotbants
Millie enters Britain's got talent as a comedy act with her best friend Layla and the judges are amazed but what happens when Millie and Layla have a fall out ?
Pictures and Gifs Of Damon And Just Bgt by DamonIsBest
Pictures and Gifs Of Damon And DamonIsBest
just a book full of pictures and stuff of David Walliams and Simon Cowell and just bgt.
Dec's Daughter by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughterby Charlie
What Would It Be Like If Declan Donnelly Had A Daughter? Or If Diversity had a girl troupe member? Or Stephen had a co host? Or Got To Dance had another girl judge ? Or...
Symphony | damon ✔ by multibgt
Symphony | damon ✔by Gabrielle
Simon Cowell and David Walliams are both judges on Britain's got Talent and are well known for their bromance on the show. Simon wishes to have a life with David, knowin...
Save Me by ChemicalDefect20
Save Meby ChemicalDefect20
Simon Cowell was facing a series of backlash after he was accused of firing Gabrielle Union for being 'too black.' Once Amanda, Alesha and David realised that Simon was...
Was It really That Much Of A Secret?  by Outlawqueenshipper1
Was It really That Much Of A Outlawqueenshipper1
Update: May 17th, 2022. I am proof reading this work! I'll be fixing mistakes and possibly adding newer content! A story about Amanda and Simon. Also featuring some Del...
Thoughts, lies and memories | DAMON BGT by 1damon
Thoughts, lies and memories | some random girl
Simon and David love each other. But sometimes it's more complicated.
dear david | damon ✓ by multibgt
dear david | damon ✓by Gabrielle
If a person's life can change in a second, what would a month be like? David Walliams has gotten into a car crash and he's unconscious so Simon Cowell decides to write h...
deep in side by Hirawaseem
deep in sideby Hirawaseem
So ya It's a Damon story mainly This story has a bits of twist and turns in it because in this I am showing my thoughts after BGT 2017 and what happens between David and...
My distraction  by lilmisspheo
My distraction by Oldies🐰
This is fluff and more fluff. Those who know me know I don't do pain or hurt, maybe a little but it's always a happy ending for me 💛
The Prince's Pursuit (David Walliams) by cranean
The Prince's Pursuit (David c
Callista Miller, the fifth judge of Britain's Got Talent, is head over heels over the comedian slash children's books author, David Walliams. She was persistent, motivat...
I give you a yes | DAMON BGT by 1damon
I give you a yes | DAMON BGTby some random girl
Simon's not a schoolboy. Not a guy who's easily surprised. Simon is totally the kind of person who likes to judge.
BGT oneshots - Fanfic by AmandaHoldenfan
BGT oneshots - Fanficby AmandaHoldenfan
A couple of oneshots of the amazing Britain's Got Talent judges! I will try my best to update! If you have any suggests on ships or a oneshot, then I would love to hear...
Dec's Daughter 2 by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughter 2by Charlie
Charlie Donnelly is no longer an only child, she has one brother but she never sees him, then on September 1st 2018 her baby sister Isla Elizabeth Anne was born. Charlie...
BGT House by jibber098
BGT Houseby jibber098
Ok, so this is a weird concept I keep thinking about: what if all the BGT hosts and judges lived in a house together? Let's find out...
Damon One-Shots (David Walliams x Simon Cowell) by abcdamon
Damon One-Shots (David Walliams julia シ
"Damon still, always will." 🖤🖤🖤
BGT One Shots by wanderinginwords
BGT One Shotsby Simanda4ever
Inspired by many to do a one shot book. First bit expresses my love for music (and of course my awkward younger self). The majority of the book are stories of the moment...
Alemanda / always and forever by Chaoxticz
Alemanda / always and foreverby <3
*Completed* After Elizabeth's performance Amanda is shaken and Alesha notices her discomfort. After spending the night together they both develop crushes on each other b...