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The Alpha King's Obsession (Adult) by NScott005
The Alpha King's Obsession (Adult)by Nicole Scott
***This story is gruesome, descriptive, and for mature audiences. Reader's discretion is advised*** Jazlyn Wildheart was a simple girl, living with her parents and worki...
sope oneshot by yoonjilife
sope oneshotby lilmeowmeow
Basically sope /yeonseok oneshot For sope lovers 🥺💜 rightful owner Here it includes * Fluff * Angst *Smut *Little space *Friends to lovers *Mpreg and many more
The mate of the alpha king  by empoodle14
The mate of the alpha king by empoodle14
Natalie is an omega in a pack where the head alpha of the pack physically and mentally abuses the omegas. One day Natalie gets invited to the alpha kings ball at his per...
Dragon Queen by Mjhowardoffical
Dragon Queenby Mj Howard
My whole life I lived on a small island in the middle of nowhere. We called it Snohomish. It was an island full of vikings who hated dragons. I myself thought that they...
Maddox, The Broken Alpha (bxb- BxG- bxbxb- bxgxb) by hmbritt
Maddox, The Broken Alpha (bxb- hmbritt
We've all read the books where the alphas mate is hurt or gets kidnapped and the alpha saves the mate. What happens when it's the other way around. What happens when it'...
The Alphas Music Box by MMctier
The Alphas Music Boxby MMctier
Setting: The day after the blue moon. Locations: Briar Hill and Phoenix City Bear: My life is one cruel joke after another. Sure. I strut around as the quiet, scar...
Where My Mate (Ongoing) Uni & Zawgyi  by hsu-324
Where My Mate (Ongoing) Uni & Hsu
Mahar Myat Thwin Satt Thway Thit Photo Crd. - Pinterest original artist 9th Creation Start Date : June 24, 2022 ABO Type လေးရေးပေးပါဆိုလို့ ABO Type လေ့လာရင်းစိတ်ကူးပေ...
His Sweet Luna by Morgan_Lee02
His Sweet Lunaby Morgan Lee
Mature Themes...18+ JoLynn Masters is returning to the Gray Mountain Pack after being away for 8 years. She wasn't going to let the snotty she wolves of her childhood ke...
QUEEN'S FATE by rupal132
QUEEN'S FATEby rupal132
The story of a pair of star crossed lovers. Dealing with pain and heart break. King Theodre Ares Knight. Lady Crescent Wolfe. Both broken , suffering and longing....
Vindicator by wolfyfoxgirl
Vindicatorby Foxy
Alphas did not have daughters. They never have. It just didn't happen. When an Alpha's mate gives birth to a baby girl, he refuses to recognize her as his own. Instead...
FOLLOW ME 🚨 by BorahaeVKook
FOLLOW ME 🚨by BeeBee
အရေးအသား၊အသုံးအနှုန်းကြောင့် မည်သူတစ်ဦးတစ်ယောက်ကိုမှ ထိခိုက်‌စေလိုချင်း အလျင်းမရှိ။အဆင်ပြေမှ ဖတ်‌စေချင်ပါသည်။
I am Daria by gaillsss
I am Dariaby gaillsss
I didn't understand him, and I didn't know what to do, but for some reason I wanted to help. His body looked tense and by the way he was tugging at his hair, it seemed a...
This Is My Love Song by Girlygirlkk
This Is My Love Songby Girlygirlkk
Werewolves meh.. they're ok I guess. I mean for sure the day I found out about them I was surprised, but I will never admit that to anyone especially to the hottie Alpha...
Their warrior gxg by brettmanng
Their warrior gxgby brettmanng
Werewolf vampire and witch were not strange terms in the kingdom of Esteban after all their the whole land was filled with such creatures Heather, Lea, and Demitri were...
Our Runaway gxg by brettmanng
Our Runaway gxgby brettmanng
Llyria was an alpha, her life was simple, she ruled over her pack, wanting a mate by her side. One she was determined to have, no matter the cost. Calliora was the alph...
The Luna of The Leader Alpha by BreakingSunflower
The Luna of The Leader Alphaby BreakingSunflower
The Mate Quest. The one thing that shy, introverted eighteen-year-old Tanner Ochoa hated the most. It was created by the four small pack Alphas and the Leader Alpha beca...
Mated to the Warg by JeanineCroft
Mated to the Wargby Jeanine 🇿🇦 Croft
Rowan has lead a sheltered life. Always safe, and always cloistered behind the walls of the Iron Girdle. Beyond the wall, everything is to be feared. The outland is full...
A Comforting feeling... (Fool bear x Clown Bear) Bear Alpha by Kitt_Historias
A Comforting feeling... (Fool Kitt_Historias
Fool bear was always bullying Clown Bear... until something changed. all of a sudden. Warnings: •BL •Cringe •Bad writing because english is not my first language •Fanfic...
Too Far Gone | Teen Wolf; TVDU by DesirousFool316
Too Far Gone | Teen Wolf; TVDUby Reaperina
Book One of The Immortal Series "Can we come back from this or are we too far gone." Warning: This story has adult content such as bad language, smut, and etc...
The Moon Tattoo  by lunarelucine
The Moon Tattoo by ko
(bxb) . . Moon tattoo Is what the alpha have when he turns 18 , it's different from alpha to another one , to know that he is the one , the one who will lead the pack i...
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