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Dear Scott McCall || Teen Wolf  || Scott McCall x OC by millunicorn
Dear Scott McCall || Teen Wolf || Millie x
Hayley Parker likes Scott McCall but she doesn't tell him. She only talks to him in letters but he doesn't respond to any of them because his friends bully her and Scott...
He's Our Omega by Reddolp17
He's Our Omegaby Jordan
A regular guy, Oliver who is a wolf shifter and his best friend Zoë have normal lives until they came into their lives. When a lie comes between them and Oliver is taken...
In Which Steve Rogers Learns He's Pregnant by skvsolo
In Which Steve Rogers Learns He' brooke
It's been roughly ten weeks since Bucky fucked him senseless in some abandoned HYDRA facility. The team is getting tired of how moody he is. Or, the life and times of St...
Remember that night~D.H~1 by thesupernaturalTeen
Remember that night~D.H~1by thesupernaturalTeen
︎Dakari Stilinski is the older brother of Stiles Stilinski. He was in his senior year, when his entire life changed, his younger brother, dragged him into the woods with...
Watermelon Waves Contest (OPEN!) by ThickThighsJimin
Watermelon Waves Contest (OPEN!)by Lizzy/Liz
Just a fanfiction contest to celebrate all things nice about summer. All those watermelon-y beach vibes. Entries will be open at the end of June when summer officially...
The Prince Is The One They're In Love With by S_Crz_18
The Prince Is The One They're In S_Crz_18
The description for this story is actually the first chapter of it so if you would like to read it that is where you will find it.
Who Wears The Leash? by Levi5580
Who Wears The Leash?by Haley Martin
keigo works as the lead actor in a local play. During a rehearsal there was an accident with the blood of the lam instead of red dye. Later that night after the accident...
Graveyard~Derek Hale by thesupernaturalTeen
Graveyard~Derek Haleby thesupernaturalTeen
Conrad Barnes was a family friend of the Hale family. He had been Derek Hale's friend since he had met the younger one in school. Conrad was a year older than Derek. An...
My Rival Is My Mate. by LJDizonNori
My Rival Is My LJ Dizon Noa Kairi
Noa was just a beta and his first mate Kairi was an omega, that omega was sweet and nice, caring for him, then he was a bit jealous when Kairi had a relationship with an...
jisung needs a bigger closet by WhateverYes4
jisung needs a bigger closetby Whatever Yes
Jeongin starts crying into the sweatshirt. He doesn't want their help, doesn't want this stupid omega biology and heat cycles, and he doesn't want to have sex at all. Bu...
The Lone Wolf (mxm) by anotheranimeweeb2
The Lone Wolf (mxm)by Amber Sato
(Omegaverse, Once a week updates, bxb, mature) Disclaimer I do not own the cover art On a night when the moon was shining Blaze came across something peculiar in the woo...
Fairytale~Peter Hale~ by thesupernaturalTeen
Fairytale~Peter Hale~by thesupernaturalTeen
"Years ago When I was younger I kinda liked A girl(a boy) I knew She (he) was mine and we were sweethearts That was then, but then it's true I'm in love with a fair...
FRAGRANCE | Larry Stylinson by purpledandeli0n
FRAGRANCE | Larry Stylinsonby sarah
A/B/O Dynamics Louis is a male Omega returning to his hometown after a year, looking for a job. There have been very few changes since he left. Days later he meets Harry...
Pipe Dreams  by drew_the_gay
Pipe Dreams by Drew Rae An a/b/o mpreg Andreil au Enjoy lovelies 🧡💜
Adopted by the Dunbars (Teen wolf) by applesareforcats
Adopted by the Dunbars (Teen wolf)by applesareforcats
Paisley was an orphan, with a secret. She always dreaded the day that she would be adopted....... Until that day came. Liam Dunbar's family came to adopt her and she jus...
#TAEKOOKAU "Hyung ISTG, i know that wolf is alpha ! I smelled him. I'm gonna make him my mate." "Tae, you know that there's no white wolf with an alpha ra...
The Freckled, Swift Omega   by mystical_spaghetti
The Freckled, Swift Omega by mystical_spaghetti
The blond was a prideful alpha, even as a child. He showed everyone he was the best and put anyone down that even thought about standing up to him. The other children en...
Omegaverse Headcanons by Creating_Quaintrelle
Omegaverse Headcanonsby Creating_Quaintrelle
General Explanations of all things Omegaverse! Like just what the dynamics are, along with scenting, crooning, going feral, courting, heats/ruts and any other terms you...
Idle Teen by Sharpshooter_Blue
Idle Teenby 𝒷𝓁𝓊𝑒
Team Voltron knows Lance McClain like the back of their hand, am I right? I'm afraid not. They know almost nothing about his true life. It's a wild ride when they finall...
Scott's sister~ʟ.D  {SLOW UPDATES} by thesupernaturalTeen
Scott's sister~ʟ.D {SLOW UPDATES}by thesupernaturalTeen
Chloe McCall is the younger of the McCall siblings, also, she adopted. He had kept her out of her supernatural world, not wanting her to be in danger. Until, the tonight...