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He Is The One [Namkook story] by RivErpOol__03
He Is The One [Namkook story]by @lavisha
Kim Namjoon, an Alpha, Charm of the University which every girl of University tries to impress him. And some lucky ones get their chance to sleep with him. Kind of playb...
OUR omega by Yaoi-is-llife
OUR omegaby Yaoi-is-llife
A world were only Alphas, Betas and Omegas live in. But the problem is there aren't many of Omegas and the possibilities of being one is 99% impossible, which means 1%...
Our omega 2 by Waistqueenkookie
Our omega 2by Waistqueenkookie
Hello, it's me Yaoi-is-life with another account, because my phone got stolen and i couldn't enter Wattpad with the same account so I did a new one I have the worst luc...
Puppets || kookv by parksebyeol
Puppets || kookvby winter bear
Jungkook an alpha ,a cold CEO who created his own empire in business world who do not believe in love. Taehyung an omega a lovely cute boy who is in need of money Who...
Dream by restinficsmydudes
Dreamby CutiesDuties
Jin didn't look like a typical omega. With broad shoulders, taller than average, and with a plain strawberry scent, many alphas don't take notice of him. His dreams of h...
Snowflakes ❄ // Yoonmin // Taekook // Namjin by Mickeydrews
Snowflakes ❄ // Yoonmin // Mickmin
Prestigious Park pack's omega son Jimin finally decided to mend his broken heart and move on. He decides it's best for his beloved twin brother omega Taehyung and his fa...
Lost & Found [On Hold] by kinkybitchaf
Lost & Found [On Hold]by 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐊𝐨𝐨𝐤
Omegas were rare.It was almost impossible for a pack to have an omega as they barely presented and that made them invaluable. Some believed that they were dangerous crea...
All the smuts for the Omega's Harem story ...🤗 *********** DO NOT COPY OR TRANSLATE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION 💕
Namjin. TaeKook. Sope. || Royals Trivia || by swirlybobalover_05
Namjin. TaeKook. Sope. || Royals Swirls
"I always felt that the Moon Goddess hates me.....I've always been unlucky since I was young, but you came and changed all of that"~ Seokjin "I know the M...