Alphaxhuman Stories

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Cupcake~ by a_malik_7
Cupcake~by A-M
A famous buisness man's son, Ace He was abused by his mother. Has a little sister. Has moved to the town recently. He goes to eastwood high. The alpha of Blue Moon Pac...
My Abused Princess by hazeltris1
My Abused Princessby Alondra
Alondra has had a rough past but her best friend, Matt is always there for her. She's gay, bullied, and feels that she should be unloved. Alexandra an female alpha pf...
The Alpha's Addiction [BxB] by AzrielRhey
The Alpha's Addiction [BxB]by Aleriz Rhey
Al is too dangerous to be loved. The boy was down right too agressive, dominating, egotistical, and sadistic. Everybody knew better than to fight the notorious bad boy...
Fated by Shawols_Fujoshi
Fatedby Jincy Jincy
Yibo is in rut. That's why he's running. He can't control himself and no one can. And no one can satisfy him too. Only his fated mate can. And he haven't found him yet...
My best friend's Alpha by AngelaLayton8594
My best friend's Alphaby AngelaLayton8594
The day I met him was my first (birthday/ holiday/ Celebration) party as an adult. Karry was the only nice werewolf I had meet in my life that was until her Alpha turne...
Bewteen the Two by DarkAriel
Bewteen the Twoby DarkAriel
Life is anything but ordinary in the ordinary town of Castleton Arena, a 21 year old human, who has lived in Castleton all her life. She felt her life mundane and ordin...
Crescent by nightoel
Crescentby night.owl
Humans and other supernatural species have been living together peacefully for millions of years now. The reason, an unwritten law- No species interferes with each other...
Yin & Yang by Fanfic_Jamie
Yin & Yangby Fanfic_Jamie
Skye is pessimistic. She thinks she's not good enough and always hides from people. She loves to draw and write to get her mind out of reality. She is likely to run away...
Lost and Found again by miccov686
Lost and Found againby Sun jia hao
Growing up In small town were everyone knows you from the time your were in diapers til the time your of to college but for me my normal begins to change . Werewolves a...
An Uncommon Match by daddyisherebitches
An Uncommon Matchby daddy got back
Twila is an independent woman. She has everything: a good job that pays handsome salary, a loyal friend, a caring mother and a stable future ahead. She wanted to enjoy h...
The Day I Meet the Alpha by AngelaLayton8594
The Day I Meet the Alphaby AngelaLayton8594
She has a little space, He is controling and protective. She is more freewilled while he is more intimanating.
Luna by redroseswiththornes
Lunaby redrosieswiththrones
human ands werewolves are at peace. although not is all as well and good as it may seem. packs abuse werewolves and humans alike. although in this pack is the werewolves...
Kidnapped by the Alpha by Kaci_is_werewolf
Kidnapped by the Alphaby Kaci_is_werewolf
Ever since 'Lizza' was 12 she's been living in a dungeon. Everyday she cries but no one comes to save her. Next week is her 16 birthday and she's been released only if L...
•The Wolf Hunter• by MagicHunter
•The Wolf Hunter•by MagicHunter
"Move Over Boys Let the girls show you how to hunt" ••• Echo Song is a lovely red head that grew...
The runner by trialsofagemini
The runnerby Phalen❤️
"...promise you'll stay with me Farrah.." "I promise." And as soon as his eyes shut, I ran.