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Knock Knock [ SIN AU ] by HobiHobiBaby
Knock Knock [ SIN AU ]by BTS_Lovers
Pregnant omega Seokjin knocks on his neighbour's door. --- ABO MPreg Sliiiiiiiightly mature
Schiavo|| YoonMin {Book 2 Of Slave Trilogy} by enchantaeed
Schiavo|| YoonMin {Book 2 Of Mwah
"No matter what anyone says, you're still my Omega" "Yes, Alpha"
Hideby Sam
Omega Park Jimin has been running from his mate for three years. Between his past experience with soulmates and the tense atmosphere at school, he sees no reason to be r...
Scars.   [completed] by Buttercakes134
Scars. [completed]by Buttercakes134
Kim Namjoon hates life. And being an Omega doesn't help at all. Abused at home and bullied at school, Namjoon just wants to end it all! Just wants to kill himself alread...
The Powerful Omega Of Ours by Ggukie_Tokki
The Powerful Omega Of Oursby 💞 (˙८ ˙) 💞 𝕄ɪ𝔫𝔫ɪ𝕖 ⟭⟬ ⁷
Jungkook, an omega who has six alpha mates. He's a white omega and is very powerful for having the control of the elements of the earth and many more powers. Since he'...
BLUE RED.  {YOONMIN} by Yoonminworld139
"TOUCH HIM AND YOU'RE DEAD." Suddenly I'm in the air , I try to control my body but to no avail. I look up but I could only see those red piercing eyes surroun...
Slave|| Namjin {Book 1 Of Slave Trilogy} by enchantaeed
Slave|| Namjin {Book 1 Of Slave Mwah
"You're not my slave, you're more precious than that"
A new home (yoonmin) by chiminly
A new home (yoonmin)by chiminly
Omega park Jimin is placed into a new pack, Bangtan, after escaping from a life of a abuse and mistreatment up in the mountains. How will he cope in the new environment...
Wine & Blood by EvaBadger
Wine & Bloodby EvaBadger
18 years ago something happend to Jin what changed his whole life... someone raped him and while he is an omega he got pregnant. Back than he was a high school student a...
13 Going on 30 | vm by ot7mikrokosm
13 Going on 30 | vmby Min Yoongi’s Bitch
Jimin's pretty sure his 13th birthday is the worst day of his life and wishes to be 30 instead...then he wakes up actually 30. Based on the movie Started: January 25, 20...
#TAEKOOKAU "Hyung ISTG, i know that wolf is alpha ! I smelled him. I'm gonna make him my mate." "Tae, you know that there's no white wolf with an alpha ra...
Lost & Found [On Hold] by kinkybitchaf
Lost & Found [On Hold]by 𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐊𝐨𝐨𝐤
Omegas were rare.It was almost impossible for a pack to have an omega as they barely presented and that made them invaluable. Some believed that they were dangerous crea...
{Rarity 23} Yoonmin // Vampire&AlphaYoongi  by Kpoppin00
{Rarity 23} Yoonmin // Vampire& HiddenWithinKpop
In a world where vampires, wolves, witches and humans mingle with each other in one realm. Min Yoongi is a werewolf vampire. Park Jimin is just an aspiring baker whose...
dance dipped in honey ; yoonseok by j-saddd
dance dipped in honey ; yoonseokby 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐬𝐬𝐬
jung hoseok was just a normal omega prince, when suddenly he get forced into arranged marriage by his parents with a mysterious prince min yoongi. what will happen when...
10 Things I Hate About You | yj, tk by ot7mikrokosm
10 Things I Hate About You | yj, tkby Min Yoongi’s Bitch
On his first day at a new school, Jungkook becomes smitten with Taehyung and becomes determined to ask him out. There's only one problem: Taehyung's not allowed to date...
Instant Family | yj, vmk by ot7mikrokosm
Instant Family | yj, vmkby Min Yoongi’s Bitch
When Seokjin gets the idea of having pups planted in his head, he and his mate, Yoongi, decide to apply to be foster parents. Soon enough, they are welcoming three pups...
Screw Society, I Have You Baby by SotheBalanceShifts
Screw Society, I Have You Babyby Dani
At the end of the day, if Taehyung had friends like his hyungs and a boyfriend as loyal and caring as Jeongguk, so what if people slapped him in the face with their ster...
Accidentally In Love (BTS ~ YoonKook) by sugatohiskookie
Accidentally In Love (BTS ~ sugatohiskookie
Jungkook, a rogue alpha, loses his mother unexpectedly and is suddenly the only provider for his younger brother in the harsh forest. One day his brother wanders into a...
Jυѕт A Glαɴce { YM } by TinyMinz
Jυѕт A Glαɴce { YM }by ㅤ
Can you spare me a glance ? Started : 20/05/21 ©TinyMinz Cover @me ON HOLD TILL MARCH
Alpha Min's Mate || Yoonmin Omegaverse by MochisNCream
Alpha Min's Mate || Yoonmin MommaSquishyy
Wherein Alpha Min Yoongi meets an Omega named Park Jimin who despises Alphas. •~•~•~• Contains: •Mature Content (Kinks, Smut, etc.) •Vulgar Language •BoyXBoy •Fluff •Ang...