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My Slayer Academia by Thiccie67
My Slayer Academiaby Thiccie
A world where the demons were not eradicated at the final battle. The evolution of quirks instead was replaced by the universal training of breathing techniques. It was...
I will End it Before it Begins by Thiccie67
I will End it Before it Beginsby Thiccie
A broken Izuku could be seen sitting on a rooftop as he looks to the inferno that used to be his highschool. He clutched the yellow cape he wore as the last of his tears...
At the Hands of the Old [DISCONTINUED] by yeeetrt
At the Hands of the Old [ Yeeetrtyaboi
After the Third World War, in 2026, Earth experienced what the people called, "the Great Calamity". this world wide disaster destroyed much of the worlds natio...
The Uchiha's Last Son by Thiccie67
The Uchiha's Last Sonby Thiccie
Izuku Yagi lives in a shinobi world so what the hell is a quirk anyway? Chakra never died out and the shinobi world never fell in Boruto's time instead it thrived for hu...
The 2nd Enterprise Class Carrier to Azur Lane by Dominator3289
The 2nd Enterprise Class Carrier Pack a Punch T-51
USS Ticonderoga was built in 2018 after Gerald R. Ford was commissioned in July 22, 2017 and the invasion of the Sirens in November. July 4th in 2019 outside New York Ci...
Rematch - a countryhumans story by aGuyThatIs
Rematch - a countryhumans storyby aGuyThatIs
Year 2034. Europe has changed much since the end of the 20s. Lithuania suddenly decides to drastically change his policies after elections, the EU struggles to keep hims...
The Bright Future (COMPLETED) by HollyTheRainWing
The Bright Future (COMPLETED)by Holly
What if Qibli said 'yes' to animus magic? What if Darkstalker and him became allies, unstoppable friends who ruled Pyrrhia? A young NightWing animus, a cranky SandWing...
The Hollows by KG_T517
The Hollowsby KG_T517
A group of friends must learn to survive and depend on one another in a world that is falling apart by a brain eating disease. They're alone with no idea on how to survi...
Steven Alternativerse by AmethystCesarl
Steven Alternativerseby A̴̶͘M̡̕͘È̷Ţ́͡͞H̸̀͠Y͏̷͏S̴̵̛͜...
Every episode of Steven Universe has an alternate ending attached to it. Did you ever wonder what would happen if one thing changes that causes the episode to end differ...
tmnt 2012 the unpredicted future  by 24darkcat
tmnt 2012 the unpredicted future by 24darkcat
The turtles start hearing about these strange creatures running around New York city and some strange figures. The turtles think the creatures and the figure are connect...
Forever In My Heart by HellinLight
Forever In My Heartby The Night before the Light
A one-shot about an alternate future
RECLAIMION: aftermath by agent4ww1
RECLAIMION: aftermathby agent4ww1
so if you don't know what is going on watch this video first: for you that have returned after watching the video you read that...
Quoth the Raven by TheOrangutan
Quoth the Ravenby Gavin Wilson
A steampunk short set in an alternative London. The Tower: a rock around which swirls a broken Empire, where Cloud Pirates rules the skies in their cloudships and power...
Over Again by StellaSheehyHebb
Over Againby Stella Sheehy Hebb
Draco regretted being rude to Ron Weasley on his first day at Hogwarts. No he wasn't in love, he could barely stand the guy. But maybe, if he'd been polite, Harry would'...
To be free (book 1) by gmoney2123
To be free (book 1)by gmoney2123
NOTE: This book is dead, not dead dead but, well... Dead. I have a different book (same title) that is an edited rendition of this that you should read if you want bette...
Time Travel (Sci-Fi) by Chuck07Gaming
Time Travel (Sci-Fi)by C07
Jake is a man interested in changing the course of humanity by travelling back in time to undiscovered coal. But due to his actions, he and his friend Mathew discover th...
Chained to God by Lianov
Chained to Godby Lianov
Approximately 800 years ago, the gods descended down onto the earth. As they couldn't directly affect the Earthly realm, they offered up their powers to a host that they...
Coded by gmoney2123
Codedby gmoney2123
John is a tank child, a slave of bioware incorporated, he was "coded" by genetic engineers, people who made him with one thought in mind: work. But someone has...
Lovely Valentine by redbluegreenpurple
Lovely Valentineby *~green~*
The strange goings on in Goodridge is more then just boys dressed up like ghouls. It runs deeper and darker than anyone had knowledge of. There was a violence that loome...
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The Nothingness: A Bedtime Story  by perfectflowerseeker
The Nothingness: A Bedtime Story by Jen Evans
A bedtime story for cottage nights or summer campfires! When they follow a lost baseball down a narrow passage on a Manhattan street, neighbours Amy and John end up in P...