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I got reincarnated and got mistaken as a genius. by E_N_D_M_E_N_O_W
I got reincarnated and got ~-Zen-~
Arakawa Kouki is reincarnated to a Japan with a different history than the Japan he knows with the memories of his previous life still intact. Kouki was discouraged, &qu...
Beautifully Bonded by HatchlingsSs
Beautifully Bondedby Harriet Peverell
Hadrian Mckillian, a certified potterhead and an inspiring doctor was thrown to the past on a magical world. You think that's worse? He's in the body of Harry Potter! Wi...
重生之废材来袭 by AllYeisReal
重生之废材来袭by AllYeisReal
P.S. This is a BL/Danmei Novel... [The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back] "Master, the people from the Zhuang family have come to cancel the engagement." "My fia...
RE: I AM NOT AN OMEGA! by systempreg
RE: I AM NOT AN OMEGA!by systempreg
Mysteries Within [Twisted Wonderland x Male Oc] by HomurokoTheForgotten
Mysteries Within [Twisted Roko
⚠️STORY ON TEMPORARY PAUSE!⚠️ My motivation for this suddenly flopped.. lol Future Me Note: ok so, the first few chapters may not be that good, but it gets better, i swe...
My Celebrity🦋♡|taegyu✩ by chbeombub
My Celebrity🦋♡|taegyu✩by 범규
Inwhich Beomgyu is a Big Fan of an soloist "Kang Taehyun", His Entire Twitter Account was full of Taehyun, And Him Simping over his Idol, Just Like What Other...
Kaleidoscope of Death by feng_xin12
Kaleidoscope of Deathby rias
It started off peculiarly; first, his domestic cat refused to let him cuddle it. Lin Qiushi soon found that a sense of disharmony and incongruity began to pervade everyt...
COTE: Last Elite Standing by LumineNoLongerActive
COTE: Last Elite Standingby ThisAccIsNoMore
4 classes are pitted against each other in a life or death situation! And while most students are winning to survive these three years of hell There are a few students w...
Cuts & Bruises by BriannaPeace
Cuts & Bruisesby Brianna Peace
Not only is life hard enough when you have to deal with your own issues, but having to deal with the physical pain of your soulmates too can be taxing. Sasuke and Naruto...
I Married Female Lead's Crush by Illya_lix
I Married Female Lead's Crushby illya
*THIS STORY IS NOT MINE* *FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY* This is a story of a sicko and vicious tongued male lead pampering and obsessing over his little wife. Once...
Aionia🦋♡|taegyu✩ by chbeombub
Aionia🦋♡|taegyu✩by 범규
Inwhich a broke student was casted to be a cameo on one music video of a popular celebrity named "Choi Beomgyu", How can he say no? He needs money. Started: Au...
Route Series, One Shots, Cote Ideas, Reactions, Uncliche Scenes: A CoTE Fanfic by Shiro_Ayatsuru
Route Series, One Shots, Cote Your Male Reader Writer: Shir...
Different girls Route Series for our boy Ayanokoji and maybe other Oneshot,Ideas, and Reaction if I can , probably Zansen Out
Can We?🦋♡|taegyu✩ by chbeombub
Can We?🦋♡|taegyu✩by 범규
Inwhich a Celebrity Couple We're Dating For Many Years Until Their Company Want To Seperate them Cause Of Unknown Reasons, But Still No one Can Beat Their Love They Choo...
Between Us🦋♡|taegyu✩ by chbeombub
Between Us🦋♡|taegyu✩by 범규
Inwhich Beomgyu and Taehyun we're campus rivals, a captain of basketball team & president of the science club, They became rival cause of one thing, What happen between...
Marvel At What Could've Happened by lokisinmybasement
Marvel At What Could've Happenedby Anna
Imagine: The Battle of New York never happened. In fact, nothing after Loki's capture and imprisonment on the helicarrier actually happens. Loki never breaks out, Bann...
Rebirth Waste Strikes Back Part 1 (MTL) by meaniehwang
Rebirth Waste Strikes Back Part admirer of enha
STORY NOT MINE FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES "Master, the people from the Zhuang family have come to cancel the engagement." "My fiancé whose beauty was sa...
I wanna be your girlfriend (Robin x Nancy) by YallNeedGrammarly
I wanna be your girlfriend ( bussussyussy
Nancy wants to kiss Robin but she wants it to be perfect. Robin just wants to kiss her, no matter where or when. She'd do it in front of 1000 people if she could... Afte...
Quantum Adventures by HannahBuckman19
Quantum Adventuresby HannahBuckman19
Nedra, a variant turned subordinate to Mobius Loki, a variant turned subordinate to Nedra Follow the Loki series timeline with an added person's presence. The timeline...
The Multiverse of My Hero Academia by FiresideStoryTelling
The Multiverse of My Hero Academiaby FiresideStoryTelling
A multiverse reaction Au of our favorite class of problem children! Please keep in mind that I have some of my headcanons and theories in here. All artwork, videos, and...
UNSEEN: Undone Realms Book 1 by amberkbryant
UNSEEN: Undone Realms Book 1by Amber K Bryant
2014 WATTY WINNER!! (Collector's Dream Award for being one of the most want-to-read stories of 2014!). A Wattpad Featured story, and a Summer 2015 #WattpadBlockParty fea...