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Call it what you want - Jaylor by emmachambiescoffee
Call it what you want - Jaylorby 1# camz trash
A Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift story! "I was late. I was never late. Not once in my 30 years of life have I had my period come late." A short story in which Tayl...
dreamscapes - jaylor by dorotheasdreams
dreamscapes - jaylorby dorothea🤍🍂
and you know that i'd... swing with you for the fences sit with you in the trenches give you my wild give you a child♡
Fool's Gold [Jaylor Fanfiction] by BraedenLee
Fool's Gold [Jaylor Fanfiction]by BraedenLee
Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter extraordinaire who's on top of the world, loses all her fame when she disappears from the public due to drug abuse. When songwriter J...
jaylor one shots  by jaylorloveletters
jaylor one shots by thea!
a collection of jaylor one shots <3
a sound she hadn't heard before by villageisaglow
a sound she hadn't heard beforeby ab <3
When he walked out, Taylor gave up most of her life as she knew it. She knew that she had to give the baby that she was going to be raising by herself the best life that...
Ice frozen dreams turned golden by StellaSternchenStar
Ice frozen dreams turned goldenby StellaSternchenStar
*** I highly recommend reading the Wisteria heart series by the amazing @fearlesslyfolklore beforehand - as she is the creator of this beautiful world *** This is Lizzie...
Lovers at Midnight by JackieLucas921
Lovers at Midnightby Jackie Lucas
My name is Taylor. I met and fell in love with a boy. I wrote a couple songs about him. I wrote a couple more songs with him. And then we broke up. Now, I'm picking...
handprints on my soul - jaylor oneshots by dorotheasdreams
handprints on my soul - jaylor dorothea🤍🍂
please take my hand and please take me dancing, and please leave me stranded it's so romantic
this love (AU) by jaylorr13
this love (AU)by denise
Taylor is a single mother of twins and she was offered a job as an assistant. Joe is the CEO of his family's company. What will happen when they work together? Will they...
.love that last. |jaylor|Joe Alwyn Taylor swift by jayloruniverse
.love that last. |jaylor|Joe kayle .from california
through their ups and down Jaylor still remained to shine, but does having children change that?
You're My Lover  by traine13
You're My Lover by Taylor Raine
With wanting to just be a normal person for once, she found unexpected love along the way that saved her from losing herself and her own life. This is PURE fiction Most...
Nice to meet you, where've you been? || PAUSED by afewmistakesago__
Nice to meet you, where've you afewmistakesago__
A Joe and Taylor fanfiction, where Taylor explains everything from the end of her's and Calvin's relationship up until she starts dating Joe.
stranded || tayjoe by graynovembers
stranded || tayjoeby kay
what would you do if one day you woke up alone? deserted on an island somewhere off the hawaiian coast. well, deserted minus the blonde british man who's been stuck ther...
Wonderland (a Taylor Swift adoption story) by taylorswiftstarwars
Wonderland (a Taylor Swift nats gf
I wrote this as a 12 year old, so kinda embarrassing but I guess it's cute! Daisy and Delilah are obsessed with Taylor Swift. One day, after Daisy posts on Tumblr about...
• Bedtime Stories • by sofaroffbway
• Bedtime Stories •by k a t h e r i n e
• in which everything that's not Broadway goes here • • and I may tell a few stories of my own too •
Jaylor| social media| Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift by jayloruniverse
Jaylor| social media| Joe Alwyn kayle .from california
although they never post about each other on social media in this story it all started with Joe going to the 1989 world tour read to see what happens next........
Chance encounters with paparazzi - Jaylor by emmachambiescoffee
Chance encounters with 1# camz trash
In which Joe can't keep his hands to himself ( he could, but why would he want to?) and the whole world gets to know just *how* much fun him and Taylor are having. Also...
The Twins' Mom [Taylor Swift x Joe Alwyn AU] by carrotswift
The Twins' Mom [Taylor Swift x Chie
When Taylor Swift gave up her twins up for adoption, she didn't expect tragedy to leave them in the care of their uncle, a notorious millionaire playboy. Now Taylor will...
Delicate - Jaylor by emmachambiescoffee
Delicate - Jaylorby 1# camz trash
An angsty (pretty long) one-shot written about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, when an unexpected 'guest' invades their home. It gets really really really fluffy at the end...
The Necklace by justcallmedinosaur
The Necklaceby Liv
Joe gave Taylor a special present for Christmas. (Credits for the cover go to Tiffany & Co.)