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Drastic Measures ( A Law and Order:SVU Fanfiction) by Alice_the_Doctress
Drastic Measures ( A Law and Queen Idjits
Fresh out of John Jay University and straight into the offices of the Special Victims Unit, nothing was going to prepare twenty-five year old Eliza Chapman for what she...
A Course of Passion by Darling_Dixon08
A Course of Passionby K.
PLEASE READ BOOK 1 FIRST: A Path to Love. Detective Grey takes some time to work at the BAU when she needs to go back to the city. When she gets there, things aren't as...
A Brand New Beginning by SleepyTTar94
A Brand New Beginningby Sleepy TTar
Amanda Rollins is a brand new detective on Manhattan's elite SVU squad. Moving on from her drama filled past, she hopes to create a new life in the big city. Little does...
Everything Changes by writergirl47_
Everything Changesby A. Beckett
When Amanda hits her first stumbling block in a very long time, her whole world is turned upside down faster than she can blink. What will happen in the aftermath?
PTSD. by svuforever
#5 svuforever
Olivia had been missing for a year and a half now with no leads or evidence of any kind. One day she just shows up at the squad room beaten and unable to speak. Elliot w...
Undercover by add1nalingerin0
Undercoverby add1nalingerin0
Law and order svu fan fiction What is going to happen when the svu meets one of their old partners during a case again? The one that died years ago? A plot where nick a...
Kidnap My Heart | Law&Order SVU Fanfiction by HisKoala2003
Kidnap My Heart | Law&Order SVU Marilyn (May not update books)
She was an ordinary girl just trying to make a living and He was just an ADA doing his job.When she joined the Precinct their world's came together.
Don't mess with Benson (A Law and Order SVU fanfic) by reesekinley
Don't mess with Benson (A Law reese:)
IN EDITING! 14 year old Alana Benson and her mom from Special Victims unit have always been close. She never had a decent father, her biological one abused her mother...
Second Chances by mmmmbruh69
Second Chancesby joholes
When Lieutenant Benson, Detective Amaro and Detective Rollins go to a local middle school to share how important it is to report a rape or abuse, a girl shows up who is...
isn't it lovely? by look_up_to_the_sky
isn't it lovely?by 𝙻𝚞𝚗𝚊
Benson and the SVU squad go up against one of their own in a case from hell.
youngblood ↠ rafael barba svu-blue bloods by abandingswimmer
youngblood ↠ rafael barba abandingswimmer
"remember the words you told me, 'love me till the day i die?'" kelly reagan, the first female in the reagan family to become not only a police officer, but...
law & order one shots by carisiforpresident
law & order one shotsby sadie
second one shot book, based off law & order characters.
❥ SVU Family Group Chat by Your_svu_greys_girl
❥ SVU Family Group Chatby 🎶📖
A group chat of our favourite dysfunctional family. Includes three main ships and loads of of other drama. Requests are open :) THESE ARE THEIR STORIES...
Warriors (Marvel/One Chicago/SVU) by WritersBlock039
Warriors (Marvel/One Chicago/SVU)by Miss Moffat
"Here we are, don't turn away now. We are the warriors that built this town from dust." In which a paramedic from Firehouse 51, a detective from the Intelligen...
We Know What You Did by DrSpoonie
We Know What You Didby Dr. Spoonie
Chelsea Carisi lost her mom a year ago. She had been living with her stepfather and things seemed to be okay, until they weren't. When her stepfather starts abusing her...
The Girl with a secret Life (A Sonny Carisi Fanfiction) by CherrySkul818
The Girl with a secret Life (A CherrySkul818
Mia Martinez is a 12 year old girl with a big shot attorney father. Looks can be deceiving though, Mia on the outside sometimes can look and seen Normal but on the insid...
Unlikely  by churplad
Unlikely by c
i wrote this a while ago and it's pretty embarrassing so read at your own expense.
☀️She's Extraordinary ☀️ by DayyyFanyyy
☀️She's Extraordinary ☀️by Daynea🤍
Bella's officially graduated middle school. After 3 years of ups and downs will high school prove to be the "best four years of her life" or will it be her mos...
Justice | Law & Order : SVU  by fuliminare
Justice | Law & Order : SVU by 𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕪
"In the criminal justice system, sexually based offences are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious...
HOME (Bensler) by okaybensonokay
HOME (Bensler)by okaybensonokay
The one were Olivia has a son by Elliot Stabler.