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Her Grey Eyes by One_whoTravels
Her Grey Eyesby A Traveler
"If I tell you, you'll live in fear of a specific day, but you should live in fear of every moment cause that's what keeps you on your toes." I don't own Miss...
Broken by NicolethVampire
Brokenby Bianca
Drugs destroy your life and you become addicted, drugs push you to do crazy stuff. Drugs have destroyed Amaris's life and she ended up in rehab. There she'll meet Niall...
The Eternal Love by pomegranateblossam
The Eternal Loveby pomegranate blossom
The Eternal Love It is not about soulmate It is about two souls leading one life _shri_dulcet This is story of two lovers who...
Fading Stars by belleways
Fading Starsby isabella
LETTERS FROM AN estranged boy, to the girl who left him.
Smoke and Mirrors by -_Photographer_-
Smoke and Mirrorsby Picture Imperfect
Just a story showing what my ocs would look like as yanderes. *Images aren't mine*
Luna by EricaLynn1613
Lunaby Erica L. G.
I'm Luna. I talk to the moon. It gives me signs of what's going to happen next. A girl getting hit by a train. The moon shows me the girls face in the water and let's...
The Tragic Twist Of Fate by DalEclipse
The Tragic Twist Of Fateby Eclipse
Amaris Scythe Liviana is a mystery to solve for Ezechiel Rezz Ferrer. But when he found out what he was looking for there's one thing he wanted to do. He wanted to heal...
Moon Child by carisxx
Moon Childby carisxx
A runaway mythical creature with an issue with fur. Welcome to the life of a runaway lycanthrope
The Amaris Story by CalderGrayson
The Amaris Storyby CalderGrayson
Before she was powerful, before she had killed, and before she was feared She was once an 8 year old girl named Amaris. Who is she now? She's Anger, Rage, Sorrow, Pain...
The Angels Creed by StormRune
The Angels Creedby I Am The Melon Lord
Jutta was once a country of peace, prosperity and magic but these days magic and anyone who is born with the curse of magic is arrested and more often than not killed. A...
What Happens next by gajevy789
What Happens nextby Ezelea Isaacs
This is after The Crown of Ptolemy. Some OCs, I will write a prequel for some of them. A daughter of Hecate and a host Nepthys. Amaris Finchis on the run of some follow...
The Grim Reaper's Daughter by IsAnAfricanPrincess
The Grim Reaper's Daughterby dsi
I will be the last thing you see before you die, that I can assure you of. I will take your loved ones from you and I'll make your life a living hell. Some hate me with...
EROLOFS the Soluar Eclipse by astelpis
EROLOFS the Soluar Eclipseby Amaris
"Hadi yapsana! En başından itibaren yaptığın gibi yine ruhumu okusana!" Ses tonumu artık ben bile kaldıramıyordum. " Öyle bir kenera çekilip ruhumu okumay...
Devil's in my head by SmokeyEyes98
Devil's in my headby Theo Stefan
Ce se intampla atunci cand te incurci cu intunericul incercand sa-ti indeplinesti razbunarea?Ce se intampla atunci cand un demon iti ofera ajutor in schimbul sufletului...
Just 2 Mexicans joining o2l by KyleahMarcia
Just 2 Mexicans joining o2lby Kyleah Marcia
19 year old Amaris and Chika Rodriguez 2 female viners visit California from Mexico to see some friends they haven't seen in a while. On their way to lunch they catch...
Alyssa x Amaris; A special evening 😩🤤😏😫🥴 by neonatalie
Alyssa x Amaris; A special neonatalie
Amaris makes Alyssa mad so amaris finds a way to cheer her up🥴 ew im literally gonna throw up as I write this but ion wanna do homework so deal with it 😎
The Thing About Stars by MohaBooks
The Thing About Starsby Moha Books
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When I decided to run away, I didn'...
Game Changer by nerdymac
Game Changerby nerdymac
Lexi is just your average high school football star. She's got a great future and amazing grades and everything seems to be going to plan. Until the new girl Amaris come...