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COTEcchi by AllHailThe99th
COTEcchiby Emperor Lelouch
Lemons, lemons, and more lemons. Very vulgar descriptions. Ye have been warned! Any art or other media used does not belong to me, and neither does Classroom of the Elit...
Your Lovely Troublemaker by TheMysteryMan1
Your Lovely Troublemakerby TheMysteryMan1
Ayanokouji x Amasawa Takes place at the end of year 2 vol 1 or the beginning of year 2vol 2. The confession didn't happen unless you want me to write that in. ( It would...
COTE: Kiyotaka x Suzune One-Shots by AllHailThe99th
COTE: Kiyotaka x Suzune One-Shotsby Emperor Lelouch
Classroom of the Elite Kiyotaka x Suzune one-shots by me. I have never read Kinugasa's LN. Any pictures or music used don't belong to me.
COTE: The White Room War by AllHailThe99th
COTE: The White Room Warby Emperor Lelouch
Ayano, Horikita, and Kiryuuin will be in Ryuuen's class. A leak of information has compromised the White Room, exposing it to the world. Ichika informs Kiyo that in his...
Masterpiece and King (COTE X OC by KazutoSensei
Masterpiece and King (COTE X OCby Vels
Miyazaki Kazuto the son of Famous conglomerate visited a facility called the white room and saw a child with a gloomy face, name Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. turned out to be th...
COTE:KIYONE X TAKUYA ATTENTION: THIS STORY IS UNDER REVISION:The following chapters have been rewritten; prologue, vol 1 Chapter 1 Random conversation between Kiyone and...
A Different White Room Enforcer - Volume 1 by Ayanokouji221
A Different White Room Legend101
What if, someone who was really wanted to really destroy Kiyotaka. But not from being inactive and just observing or being like Amasawa, but instead, really targeted him...
Classroom of The Eliite:White Roomers vs Former White Roomers by RukiAyanokoji
Classroom of The Eliite:White Unknown Gender
A special exam has announce for class 2-C.It involves only Ayanokōji, Yagami and Amasawa. It was an unexpected considering after the Unanimous Vote Exam The price for wi...
Random Classroom of the Elite by Uriel0215223
Random Classroom of the Eliteby NISHINO SIMP
(CTTO of the memes used in the cover) This is going to be a one shot book where I just put random ideas I have in it. This is going to be the first time I do something...
Terrible vibrations flying around his small body by ersult4z
Terrible vibrations flying ersult4z
What if the White Room employees didn't have time to arrive on time? What will be the result. Who stops Yagami Takuya's riot? Spoiler warning!
COTE: Married Couples, but not Lovers by derpycote
COTE: Married Couples, but not derp
As we know was our protagonist, Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, raised in a loveless environment named the white room. However, what if the concept of the Anime "More than a Ma...
Kinky-shot by Screwedguy
Kinky-shotby Screwedguy
Collection of short story that I write sometimes, either canon-based or just a 'what if' scenario that not even relate with canon storyline. Basically, this is just tra...
Inventor koji by ayanokoji7570
Inventor kojiby ayanokoji7570
This story was basically if Ayanokoji had the intelligence of Rick Sanchez. Ayanokoji basically lives 2 life's. Imma reread every chapter to fix grammar and spelling mis...
classroom of the elite oneshots by spaceishere
classroom of the elite oneshotsby Space
this is for experience, so advice and what my flaws are is what im looking for, but if you come to enjoy my writing i appreciate it. anyway, enjoy.
Hackers memory Yu / k (random digimon stories) by Zora-Moyashi
Hackers memory Yu / k (random Zora-Moyashi
Spoilers for digimon hackers memory Short thing that I won't be adding to.
Classroom Of The Elite One Shots by TheSupremeWeeaboo
Classroom Of The Elite One Shotsby Virgin-Kouhai
Classroom of the Elite Ones shots. All artwork and characters used in this fanfiction belongs to their respective creators and authors.