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Kokotiam's Adventures In Laskar Station  by Anastasia_Fleur
Kokotiam's Adventures In Laskar Anastasia_Fleur
-This event took place after BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (My Au) BoBoiBoy and His friends Go to Laskar Station To replace some of the workers for a while. As they stay longer the G...
The Journey Ahead by the_lost_duos
The Journey Aheadby tcqbits and sky
Admiral Amato along with his beloved power sphere, Mechabot, has been assigned to guide 5 individuals to learn more about fighting patterns and skills to better defend a...
Outerspace (✔) by m3xhoshii
Outerspace (✔)by Hoshi
Story cover isnt mine! This belongs to its rightful owner! Started: June 21st, 2023 Ended: July 25th, 2023
Protector of the Multiverse by AishaZero9i18r
Protector of the Multiverseby DiZAHster
Does the concept of multiverse exist? Is there any world existing from our own out there? They need no justified answer for that, but for whatever happening, they swear...
Agent Elemental and Agent Ali by cales_saint
Agent Elemental and Agent Aliby Coffe4life
Our MATA Agent is being outcasted, our dear Hero, Boboiboy, and his cousin comes to the rescue! (Slow updates due to school) (Undergoing editing)
Going To The Past by Iron-Spider_Potter
Going To The Pastby Jaehyun
What would happen if Boboiboy, his gang, and a few other members of TAPOPS went to the past in which Boboiboy's father, Amato, was still young? What if Boboiboy and Amat...
BoBoiBoy and Mechamato One shots! by FluffyCinderace
BoBoiBoy and Mechamato One shots!by Blue Gamer@
This is a space where there are random Drawings, short stories and Reader X Characters stories are created. It includes all Monsta characters mixed up together.
Boboiboy one-shots by Ixfonia
Boboiboy one-shotsby Ysa
A book where I make some of my ideas from my idea book to one shots. ⚠WARNING⚠ -WRONG GRAMMAR -SOME WRONG SPELLINGS -BAD WRITING -ETC. Boboiboy doesn't belong to me...
Bbb react Maria(oc) And Her Big Sister as anime girls  by banghallusicca
Bbb react Maria(oc) And Her Big banghallusicca
Good day Readers Hi everyone, I'm author this book because started today then this is my first time to try to create some stories about our readers or her sister to hav...
Boboiboy Reacts!!  by Koi_Eclipse84
Boboiboy Reacts!! by Anuia
After their fight with Kira'na and unlocking the 3rd tier of his leaf element. Boboiboy and his friends were given 3 months of break, while in a break. They were all su...
Exploring The Past by Fliingo
Exploring The Pastby Fliingo
Hello there, this is my first wattpad story. Hope you enjoy it. This story may contain: 1. Typos 2. Grammatical errors 3. Blood 4. Slow Updates 5. No ships Note: The co...
Do I really Hate You? by The_Mysterious_Girl_
Do I really Hate You?by Thanuja
someone is crying and shouting "Because of you.... we lost her... I lost her.... we lost our mother" If you want to know what happened then read the sto...
Amnesia In Different World (Boboiboy x Mha Crossover) • Hiatus• by Elizyx_04
Amnesia In Different World ( Boarding School
Have you ever imagine waking up without any memories? Memories about yourself, the people you care about and your past life are all gone? Even so, you still need to live...
Hidden Trouble by Shinichi2504
Hidden Troubleby Shinichi2504
Boboiboy and his friends are given a mission to protect a station for 2 weeks. The grand encounter make Boboiboy can't focus doing his mission, can Boboiboy do this miss...
BoBoiBoy ( New Adventure ) 📖 by Thalassophile_2125
BoBoiBoy ( New Adventure ) 📖by 𝒯𝒾𝓈𝓎𝒶 🦋
Boboiboy and his friends got a new mission , which is to help all of the Laskar Station crews to track and save all of the Power Spheres . A little son and dad moment as...
BoBoiBoy Facts and Trivia by SarahIshfaq16
BoBoiBoy Facts and Triviaby Sarah
Just random fun facts I found.
The Agent Gang | bbb ft. ea ff  by nezttiey
The Agent Gang | bbb ft. ea ff by nez
Apa jadi kalau sebenarnya Ali adalah salah satu anggota Tapops seperti Boboiboy dan Boboiboy dan kawan kawannya juga adalah salah satu ejen MATA seperti Ali? __________ ...
Strength to Protect (A BBB AU Fanfiction) by SorameiTenebris
Strength to Protect (A BBB AU Soramei Tenebris
A BBB AU Fanfiction (Big Brother AU) Everything changed that day, and by that time, Boboiboy's role as a hero changed. He chooses this as a way to protect what truly mat...
Too Late (On Hold) by ShazrinaAishah
Too Late (On Hold)by Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
When something unexpected happened. Boboiboy Thorn has been shot by something without others realize it. While he's in pain, Ice got hurt while trying to protect him. Su...
●|Amato and his friends!! w/ Mechabot<3|● by 45WhiteLovely36
●|Amato and his friends!! w/ Amato's Wife /srs
I made this for fun, because I was bored. Anyways Enjoy this uh, I don't know what even am I doing.