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A Sailor Moon Fanfiction: The Pledge of the Sun. by Dragomaster312
A Sailor Moon Fanfiction: The Dragomaster312
Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family. A sailor moon fanfic with a special twist in it. I do not own Sailor Moon or it's characters. My OC known as Harusuke...
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 3 by lcji_stories
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 3by 🦋JJ’s Stories🦋
It's been almost 3 months since Shaka had seen or heard from Y/n. He never bothered to go over to her house. I mean she did tell him not to. What happens when she starts...
The Lost Heart (Gwain Saga X KH Malereader) by KilliosKorosu
The Lost Heart (Gwain Saga X KH Koros
Y/n, a young man who is lost, both figuratively an literally. He has travelled around many places, searching for answers, trying to understand and recover what he had lo...
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 1 by lcji_stories
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 1by 🦋JJ’s Stories🦋
It's always a good day in Columbus, Georgia! When Y/n sees M'dear's family visiting she decides to introduce herself. She finds one of them cute, but she will only see h...
Love light: Genderbent Sailor Moon x fem reader by Princess_of_Heart01
Love light: Genderbent Sailor Princess_of_Heart01
"Everything about you is right Let it glow and let it be bright I don't want to lose your lovelight" ~ABBA Hi! I'm Usagi Tsukino, and I'm 14 years old. Let's s...
Madness Saga  by Anewnarrative
Madness Saga by Anewnarrative That kills
After the events of Expurgation, Hank J. Wimbleton is teleported into another world, but he's not alone for someone who's supposed to be dead is alive again and with his...
Sailor Knight Neptunia by almil53
Sailor Knight Neptuniaby Almil53
(Sailor Moon Male Reader x Hyperdimension Neptunia) Our Hero (Y/N) once called Sailor Knight had lost his powers after the final battle of queen beryl. Even Usagi, who...
Fall For 7 Mafia Kings || Completed ✅ by CapJoongHwa
Fall For 7 Mafia Kings || minayoon <33 ❣︎
One girl fall for 7 Mafia kings which is her schoolmate and teacher ❤️ Credit to the rightful owner ~ The storyline is mine ^ ^ • My story may take a long time to comple...
Dragon Moon Rising | DBZ x Sailor Moon by ExtraEclair
Dragon Moon Rising | DBZ x 🦭
In this universe, Usagi is born from a wish on the Dragon Balls as the daughter of Chi Chi and Goku and Gohan's younger sister. Takes place in future Trunks' timeline.
the star of night | MIYAKO by wafflesx
the star of night | MIYAKOby w a f f l e s
"It was on a beautiful night when the full moon shone that we named you Miyako." And thus a child of old prophecy and great power was born. First of her pare...
Gwain Saga: Player by Amadudeyay
Gwain Saga: Playerby A Guy
Basically instead of Geo being the punching bag HE makes people his. Dude also has a dark backstory. Also violence is a normal thing on Earth. Along with superheroes ...
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 2 by lcji_stories
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 2by 🦋JJ’s Stories🦋
Y/n is loving life right now! Her grades are good, she found a new hobby, and she's still close to Shaka. What she doesn't know is somethings will change. It won't be th...
My Beloved Sailor Uranus // BOOK 1  by leon0writer
My Beloved Sailor Uranus // BOOK 1 by Leon 🦁
❗️--COMPLETED--❗️ Usagi and Mamoru have been through so much together and have survived through all obstacles, but something is missing inside of Mamoru and he's known t...
A Couple of Shy mutes, A Gwain Saga fanfiction (Geo x Ami,) by DIO_Official
A Couple of Shy mutes, A Gwain Tiny Dio
Contains: Geo x Ami, Deva x Savien, Agni x Lanney, noobe x being a good bean (theres like 0 gwain saga fanfics!!! why tho?! ) (i did not create the art for the MENACING...
KOMIK LAWAK KAMPUS by melonbelon_
HAII🌻🌻 Kali ni,Seri nak buat KOMIK LAWAK KAMPUS✌✌Harap korg baca n vote kay? 100% dari google/instagram.Kalau berminat,boleh tekan butang read n add to your library.Ka...
Gwain Saga: G.T. [On Hold] by xdRemix
Gwain Saga: G.T. [On Hold]by KN-SzN
Only an insert (°-°) Story starts during the end of episode 4 • 'Hello' = Thoughts • "There" = Speech Gwain Saga, it's characters, and it's contents are all ow...
Đẻ thuê | Jeon Jungkook | by _tinabaee_
Đẻ thuê | Jeon Jungkook |by ghệ đẹp của jk
Cuộc sống của mỗi người đều có những nổi niềm chất chứa sâu thẳm trong trái tim mà đôi lúc chúng ta muốn vùi dập nó đi mất nhưng nổi niềm đó lại theo ta đến cả một đời. ...
Megaman of Teora!(Megaman ZX X Gwain Saga) by Iron8127
Megaman of Teora!(Megaman ZX X Iron8127
Biometals. a set of high tech artifacts containing the power and souls of Heroes nearly forgotten by history. Each with immense power and left in the protection of the q...
Fortune teller ( Sailor Moon x reader) by Sleepy_Potato14
Fortune teller ( Sailor Moon x Gourmandise
Y/n is a person who fell into debt at a young age because of their greedy parents and was left with nothing but dept to pay off. Had learned to live off the street with...
Laughter & Insanity (Gwain Saga X OC) by Nikostos
Laughter & Insanity (Gwain Saga Nikostos2020
A orphan suddenly got teleported to another world. And like things weren't going to get worse, his mental condition will affect his actions and will. However, the fate d...