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I Would Die For You (Andley) by emmawarren_pdf
I Would Die For You (Andley)by Emma
Andy Biersack has had strong feelings for Ashley Purdy for a while now and wants to tell him but fears rejection. Could it be that Ashley feels the same?
Badboy (Andley) by AshleyIsPurdy
Badboy (Andley)by AshleyIsPurdy
He warned me. He warned me not to fall for him. He warned me that all he would do is hurt me. He warned me not to get involved. But I didn't listen, and now my life is f...
Love isn't Always Fair - ANDLEY FANFIC by ilikepunkrock
Love isn't Always Fair - ANDLEY ilikepunkrock
everyone has their secrets. you can spend as much time and energy hiding them as you want; but it could take so much as a little slip up to change everything.
Black Veil Brides (one shots) by motionlessveilmanson
Black Veil Brides (one shots)by TheDrugsLikeMe
THESE ARE ALL VERY FUCKING SMUTTY!!!!! You're welcome. And let's be real. It's mostly andley but I did want to add some other ships in bvb in the book too.
Andy Biersack imagines by wind_and_spark
Andy Biersack imaginesby Andie
Just a bunch of Imagines about Andy. -There will be ships in this ((Andy x other band members) Edit: i will no longer be including Trashley in my stories unless he is...
Andly smuts by andyblack18586
Andly smutsby andyblack18586
You can see what this is about from the title Warning tho, I'm a imaginative bitch so everything is gonna be VERY detailed. Thank read and vote
Andy Leyley  Fan Fiction  by Venti_______Simp
Andy Leyley Fan Fiction by Prankster
Aaron and Kevin, best friends and teenage YouTubers known for investigating paranormal phenomena, find themselves quarantined in the apartment of Andy and Leyley. They h...
ANDLEY ONESHOTS by jacketslutt
andley oneshots fluff smutt mpreg neko kinks rape abuse eating disorders self harm andy dom ashley dom
Busted by LegionOfEmbers
Bustedby Ember
Andy Biersack is a senior in high school, his mother moved them to Los Angeles at the end of his junior year. Andy hates the school he's in and is failing. His mother gr...
Ashley Purdy Is My Heart Of Fire: Collections by alice__reads
Ashley Purdy Is My Heart Of Alice
A collection of Ashley Purdy fan fiction.
Default Title - Destiny Or Love? by KhushbuKhandelwal
Default Title - Destiny Or Love?by Khushbu Khandelwal
This story is about the most loveable couple of indian television...."Manan". This story depicts the changes and the struggles of life which they overcome toge...
Eternally yours(Sequel to 'Will you my saviour?') by AshyMatthews
Eternally yours(Sequel to 'Will AshyMatthews
Andy and Ashley are finally married and have their own family. This is their happy ending, or so they thought. Andy suddenly grows distant from Ashley after six years of...
Darkest secrets: an andley love story  by fallenangelkiro
Darkest secrets: an andley love fallenangelkiro
Andy biersack, who is an alpha of his pack, is in a situation where his friend, Ashley Purdy is turned into a werewolf. Ashley begins to lose trust towards the guys taki...
Addiction :: Andley ||DISCONTINUED|| by motionlessveilmanson
Addiction :: Andley || TheDrugsLikeMe
I know it says discontinued but it's more like on hold for a really really really long time.
Andley in love by Sucker9817
Andley in loveby Sucker9817
First story by an emo kid that dont know what she talking about (im sorry to ash and andy if they somehow come across this. ANDY IS MARRIED GUYS)
Side chick || Andley by Jin-is-mine
Side chick || Andleyby Jin-is-mine
'Uuuhhhh, You are so annoying !' Started: 04.03.19 Ended:......