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Hidden Power (On HIATUS atm) by Anastasia_Fleur
Hidden Power (On HIATUS atm)by Anastasia_Fleur
BoBoiBoy's been feeling unwell... And to add up to that problem a deep secret was gonna get revealed. What would happen if he unlocks a new element? But that. That . isn...
Similar Popularities, Different Personalities [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
Similar Popularities, Different ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Two popular students of Stanford High School namely, Halilintar- the bad boy and the most fearsome student in school- and Solar- the smartest and well-known alchemist in...
Rivalry Wars [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
Rivalry Wars [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Once again, the two popular rivals namely, the most fearsome badboy, Halilintar- as well as the smartest and well-known alchemist, Solar of Stanford High are back! They...
Boboiboy x MHA [] Crossover by Cerasimp
Boboiboy x MHA [] Crossoverby trixycoppie!!
What would you do if you were transported to another world? A normal response would be to panic, but Boboiboy was a kid, and kids are very curious. I'm not sure who rea...
Strength to Protect (A BBB AU Fanfiction) by SorameiTenebris
Strength to Protect (A BBB AU Soramei Tenebris
A BBB AU Fanfiction (Big Brother AU) Everything changed that day, and by that time, Boboiboy's role as a hero changed. He chooses this as a way to protect what truly mat...
Please Don't Hide Anything From Us by EarthCrystal_
Please Don't Hide Anything From Usby Crystal
English Version!!! It's just a normal day when the elemental brothers were doing they're own usual stuff. Ice the polar bear who sleeps all the time, the trio trouble ma...
My Source of Happiness [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
My Source of Happiness [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
"My little brother's my source of happiness... ... how about yours?" [BBB Air & BBB Angin (Sibling AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own BoBoiBoy nor any of the chara...
You're All I Need [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
You're All I Need [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
"You're all I need..." [BBB Petir & BBB Daun (Sibling AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. They belong to Monsta. I only own the plot of...
BoBoiBoy One-shots by BuRocks17
BoBoiBoy One-shotsby ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Just some random boboiboy related one-shots I need to get out off my head. :D Anyways, hope you guys enjoy reading! uwu [Disclaimer: I do NOT own BoBoiBoy nor any of the...
Reason to Live  by BuRocks17
Reason to Live by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
"Be the reason why people chose to live, than to decease." [BBB Halilintar & BBB Taufan (Friend AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. Th...
Monsta Bois Short fanfics and Drabbles Collections by AishaZero9i18r
Monsta Bois Short fanfics and DiZAHster
Compilation of short fafics, drabble and oneshots of Animonsta IPs (mainly Mechamato and Boboiboy series for now). Either Canon, AU or even crossovers, i'll just yeet t...
The future of my achievements by MardhiyyahKaifiyaAki
The future of my achievementsby Kaifiya Akimori
A young boy with his red power sphere was riding their way to Kota Hilir Highschool when a they heard a huge explosion near the forest. "what the hell was that?&quo...
i love him but my bestfriend likes him too. by Bxyaaa
i love him but my bestfriend Fxeii
•English •A new Boya & fayi book! •they have no powers in this book! •and i am also very very sorry if they do something haram:( Yaya and ying both have a crush on a boy...
A Sword of Lightning, a Scythe of Roses (RWBY x Boboiboy crossover fanfiction) by MikeisMike
A Sword of Lightning, a Scythe Mage-O-Karp
At some point in life, I wondered, what are two animated serieses that I love that have flashy and exhilirating fight scenes? What would happen if I place both them into...
B[L]IND | bbb!solar x reader, blind!au [ ✓ ] by kazscircus
B[L]IND | bbb!solar x reader, -
❝ first, i lost colour; second my sight; third, the love of my life.❞ [ bbb! solar x reader, short story ] . . . ©KAZSCIRCUS, 2020. | art by : me :) + this was drafted b...
Halilintar's Bad Day by LightDP
Halilintar's Bad Dayby LightDP
Halilintar, Gempa, and Taufan were preparing for the final exam. Unfortunately, Halilintar's younger twins were testing his already thin patience. Elementals siblings...
Pertanyaan by LightDP
Pertanyaanby LightDP
Daun dan Api menanyakan sesuatu yang cukup sulit untuk dijawab. Bagaimana Halilintar, Taufan, dan Gempa akan menjawab pertanyaan mereka? Elementals Sibblings, tanpa pair...
Behind the scenes (Boboiboy) by RoselineHatsune
Behind the scenes (Boboiboy)by RoselineHatsune
Cover DOES NOT belongs to me. Follow me to the Boboiboy Studio where they all act and create the show!
I Wouldn't Mind [HIATUS]  by BuRocks17
I Wouldn't Mind [HIATUS] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Twin boys, named Api and Air, with gifted elemental powers but with opposite personalities. These brothers had a strong brotherly bond together, where nothing can separa...