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The Angel Of Dragons| Yona Of The Dawn  Reader X Hak by TheTea_Queen
The Angel Of Dragons| Yona Of chile sakamaki
What happens when the Dragon king and the Queen of the Angels have a child. Lots. Y/n is the fallen angel dragon lost in a battle of the heavens and finds herself drawn...
His Undying Love || Kacchako FanFic by elawake
His Undying Love || Kacchako FanFicby Nisa // Ayumi
A story of how the meanest, aggressive, confused boy and the most adorable, yet insecure girl of Class 1A became close friends and eventually loves comes in. Includes I...
The promised neverland ONE SHOTS (readerxcharacters/imagines)  by Klein_246
The promised neverland ONE SHOTS ( Klein101
Book full of one shots from The Promised Neverland. *disclaimer The Promised Neverland belongs to the owner
One-Shots/Lemons Requests! by thepixelprincess
One-Shots/Lemons Requests!by 50ShadesOfAnimu
Hey guys, I'm making this for people who want to request a anime (listed on the bottom) from the list fan fiction, a short one shot or even a lemon *wink wink*. Request...
~His Prince Turned Princess~ ((MikaYuu)) by wowiminactive
~His Prince Turned Princess~ (( wowiminactive
Feel free to critique! This fanfic is my first so beware. But this is essentially about some really weird and also quite commical shit, involving my OTP MikaYuu... **Aw...
Anime Zodiac by likemywhiskey
Anime Zodiacby Welcome
Anime stuff based on your zodiac sign Disclaimer: - I do not own any of those. - There might be some mature content. - Requests are open and very welcome :) I'm a gemi...
The Return of the Beloved Son by Redlikeroses77
The Return of the Beloved Sonby RedLikeRoses
After running away from all his problems with Rem, Subaru feels he can finally live in peace. However, other forces have another idea on what to do with him. Within the...
Kaishin One-Shot // Just us Tonight by Riza_Le_Poptart
Kaishin One-Shot // Just us Tonightby Riza_Le_Poptart
Shinichi finally got his antidote and is returned to normal, Kaito is eager to lavish his lovely detective after being stuck in a child's body for a year.
Cold to Hot by StalePee
Cold to Hotby ur mom
Nagisa unhappy with his life at home, and school isn't much better. How will things get better, read to find out...
Choose Me [Oikawa X Reader] by dauntlesswriting
Choose Me [Oikawa X Reader]by cam♡
☆《"but secretly, deep down. i wanted you ...
Shy Guy x Luigi by HeathertheGamer
Shy Guy x Luigiby HeathertheGamer
dis iz mai stori about mai crap I MEAN CRACK ship i hope u liek it ; u ; very sugoi kawaii desu neeeee~
(Josuke x Reader - Duwang Remake) Welcome to Crazy Town by QueenKotomi
(Josuke x Reader - Duwang Remake) hot pants
It's a remake to this crappy fanfic that somehow got popular called "What a Beautiful Duwang" :0 I hope you guys enjoy this one if you read the original and l...
Living a Nightmare (Kirishima Eijiro x F!Reader)  by AKECHlGORO
Living a Nightmare (Kirishima    ‍   
"Hello? Yeah, she's asleep right now, babe." At those words my jaw dropped, and eyes widened to the size of saucers. I whimpered but placed a hand over my mout...
Re:Zero SUBARU X REM by Kera_Akiyama
Re:Zero SUBARU X REMby Shiro-san
ReZero has been a great anime, let's agree to that. But who ever thought about Rem and Subaru being married in the end? This story will lead to that. First we will follo...
Fish And Foes (Gang Orca X OC Insert) by owogangorcastan15owo
Fish And Foes (Gang Orca X OC owogangorcastan15owo
The casual life of Hinata Yuki changes for better or worse as a Pro Hero enters her life. The Pro Hero claims Hinata was a witness of a horrific crime, a crime for which...
Orphan Eren  by dweamuwu
Orphan Eren by BᴀᴅBᴏʏHᴀʟᴏ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
little Eren is an orphan. just fucking read my trash
Gay Porn SpongebobxShrekxDonaldTrump by Riza_Le_Poptart
Gay Porn Riza_Le_Poptart
The number one headband by Darkwolfpug22
The number one headbandby Wolfpug22
its afro samurai but my version and a multiverse esc or whatever ill think of something and it still involves with it