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Dragon Amongst Men: An Elden Ring Story  by MasterofBeasts
Dragon Amongst Men: An Elden The Azure Lord
Everyone has hardships to come across, especially Tarnished. After the Shattering, everyone across the Lands Between has sought lordship and become the next Elden Lord...
Bakudeku's secret  (Bakudeku) by BBQ_sauce_on_tittys
Bakudeku's secret (Bakudeku)by BBQ sauce on tittys
Katsuki and Izuku are dating. And have been for 3 years. But they don't tell anyone. Except for their parents of corse. But what happens when a certain someone walks In...
Dumped! by XxSassyCynicxX
Dumped!by XxSassyCynicxX
Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets...
My Sister's Landlord by sashathegreatest
My Sister's Landlordby S T G <3
Ciara comes upon an ad in the newspaper and decides to move out of her parents home but as Ciara moves out. Her sister, Katie isn't prepared for Ciara's landlord, Elnasi...
SAIRAT LIFE by Mistigarima23
Ten Years Later ✔️ by teardrops_like_rain
Ten Years Later ✔️by Oh_look_a_wall
After the war, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley ran off to America, hoping to get some peace after the fighting is over. What was first supposed to be a two-week trip turns...
Anuseena - The Unique Love Story by Anubhav02
Anuseena - The Unique Love Storyby Anubhav singh
happy 1 year anniversary to our beloved Anuseena🥰🎊. I don't know what I will write here but I decided to write it for anuseena anniversary wo v without anubhav 🥺. so...
High School DxD: The One With A Devil by NewG3ndie
High School DxD: The One With A Black Sun
[High School DxD X Kamen Rider Revice] Kazuo Kanamori was an ordinary young man who is a student from Kuoh Academy and the owner of bathhouse with his family. Also, he h...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
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Annulment Papers by simplywhimsey
Annulment Papersby Simplywhimsey
Marriage they say is an indissoluble process. The moment you say 'till death do us part', it means that the bond is unbreakable. But what if circumstances hinders your h...
Memories Bring Back You  by HeiraelleO12greys
Memories Bring Back You by Heiraelle Osborne
Our minds are powerful. One minute, we are picking roses, the next, we are picking life or death. Meredith is working when she sees a familiar face. What will happen? Wh...
Matchmaking Disaster by _fearlessdreamer
Matchmaking Disasterby kristine (on hiatus)
Sapphire Anderson, a 19 year old rich girl. She had everything she ever wanted. A perfect family, a best friend and a boyfriend whom she thought she'll love until the en...
Carry On SnowBaz by StarsInYour_Heart
Carry On SnowBazby StarsInYour_Heart
Three stories about Simon, Baz and Penny taking place half a year later after the epilogue of Carry On... The first one is about their anniversary, the second one about...
Crossmare (Maybe a little lemon) by CharlotteLoyman
Crossmare (Maybe a little lemon)by Mrs.Fandom
This is for the Anniversary of the ship coming up and this is my first story so please don't judge.
Across the Seven Seas {Ninjago Pirate AU} by cl07ai09re
Across the Seven Seas {Ninjago EN-❄️2020 ❄️ ENGENE
"Next stop, Ninjago City." Captain Lloyd and his crew did not expect that their next stop would involve having to bring on board five, annoying, interfering...
Solby&Brolby/ Smut by xX_MsQueen_Xx
Solby&Brolby/ Smutby Kixxee
Y'all some kinky mfs 👀💦 BAHAHAH me too 🤤😋💕
Glee's Finest (A Puck Love Story. Or is it?) by mrspuckerman
Glee's Finest (A Puck Love mrspuckerman
Savannah Mason loves performing. But she also hates Noah 'Puck' Puckerman. But when an accident causes them to get stuck together could they come together over something...
The Kissing Booth: New Lives by Candiegirl02
The Kissing Booth: New Livesby Candiegirl02
The final summer at the beach house changed everything for Rochelle Evans and Noah Flynn. Deciding to go their own ways proved to be the right decision with Elle attende...
ANNIVERDIAN (Guardian Anniversary) ✔completed by luckyclouds
ANNIVERDIAN (Guardian Anniversary) LuckyClouds
In 2018 the first episode of Guardian aired and we were swamped with the story, acting, emotions and fantasies. A new world opened up in front of us and we welcomed it w...
harry styles imagines by laurthewriter
harry styles imaginesby laura
••harry styles imagines•• imagines/ one shots about harry styles-- including smut, cuteness, drunk scenes, parties, abuse, humor, and whatever else will be updated seve...