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His Detested Wife | ✔ by asmitadutta_
His Detested Wife | ✔by asmita | ♛
#1 in tears among 23.5k books!!!! "I hate you! I detest you! Did you hear me?!", I shouted at her but she didn't step back or flinch. She looked straight into...
Our Arranged Love ✓ by asmitadutta_
Our Arranged Love ✓by asmita | ♛
❝ I will never be able to love you.. Even you know it.. Then what is the reason you stay with me?", he said teary eyed. " Because some things are meant to be...
Iron & Shield // Stony by _AestheticAvenger_
Iron & Shield // Stonyby →←
Post endgame. ❝ I'll be with you, always.❞ • • • Tony wakes up in the afterlife to find himself being forced in a mission with his old Avengers friends, and a weird feel...
Bound By Revenge ✓ by asmitadutta_
Bound By Revenge ✓by asmita | ♛
" Love has different definitions for different people, but when these definitions meet, then the Story begins." ... "I wi...
Scarlet Love // Wanda & Strange by _AestheticAvenger_
Scarlet Love // Wanda & Strangeby →←
• I'm trying to protect you. - I don't need your protection! You let them all die! You did! Vision's dead because of you! • Trust me for once, Wanda. °°° He is the Sorce...