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A Personal Attack From The Devil by SherryMuhammad
A Personal Attack From The Devilby Sherry Muhammad
The gang have successfully defeated the Word Demon and the Clover Kingdom is slowly but surely being restored from the damages. A new threat is upon the gang, but when t...
 I'm Stuck on a Remote Island With the Male Leads by Yoh_nika
I'm Stuck on a Remote Island Nikah
Type Web Novel (KR) Genre Adventure Comedy Fantasy Mystery Romance Shoujo Author(s) Kim Jia 김지아 Artist(s) 유오 I'm stuck on a remote island with the male leads in an R...
Black Clover: Walking On The Wrong Path by onigiriyume
Black Clover: Walking On The Yeocchi/Hannah
Asta was send for a trial, the nobles and royals thinks that he is the reason of the elfs attacking the kingdom since he is devil possessed. The final decision of the tr...
Beauty of the village by memely19
Beauty of the villageby memely19
This is my first black clover book but I'll try my best to update it(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ description: Asta was known as a beauty in hage village but asta dreamed of becoming a wizar...
Little Clover by Nothingbutanaddict
Little Cloverby The addict
Elizabeth Wilde never knew how to smile. She wasn't taught how to by the parents she didn't have. She was thrown into slavery when she was just eight years old, and she...
Magic Paradox by Ak1rA08
Magic Paradoxby Akira
Each leaf of the clover represents a virtue. The first three are for Hope, Faith and Charity. The fourth is for Luck. And when a Grimoire has a fifth, it represents the...
Black Clover: Hatred of the devil hybrid (Sequel Of Walking On The Wrong Path) by onigiriyume
Black Clover: Hatred of the Yeocchi/Hannah
Sequel/pt2 of Walking On The Wrong Path. If you haven't read that book please go and read it now. A few months later, it was supposed to be a peaceful day in clover king...
The Beginning Of Our Path (ON HIATUS) by DemonButterflyLIght
The Beginning Of Our Path (ON DemonButterflyLight
This is the (unfortunately not anticipated) sequel to Past, Present, Future. Basically how Astelle happened. I don't really know how much I'm going to cover, but nonethe...
Demonic Devil Knight by Tostinator
Demonic Devil Knightby Tostinator
Being killed sucks. You find that out firsthand, but you come back under the control of a devil master. Now you must use whatever skills you have, and the sacred artifac...
「Black Clover Fanfiction : The Son of The Wizard King🍀」 by iMSoORidiKuLus
「Black Clover Fanfiction : The ケアナᶻᵉⁿ
Yahiko Novachrono, a fifteen years old boy and the only son of the current wizard king, Julius Novachrono. Yahiko had two magic based; a light and a dark magic. A very o...
꧁𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣꧂ by Calico_Strawberry01
꧁𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣꧂by Calico_Strawberry01
Y/n was abondoned infront of the church along with a box and a note that tells her to open the it when the right time comes. Y/n grows up with Asta and Yuno developing a...
Black clover x oc by Blackdragon6210
Black clover x ocby Zene Bradway
What if Asta had a brother? What if he didn't have any magic either? What happens when his grimoire belonged to someone from the past? What happens when he tries to beco...
The new kingdom (AstaXLolopechika) [Discontinued]  by simpfornacht
The new kingdom (AstaXLolopechika) Hannah
Asta got betrayed by Clover Kingdom. A few years later, Clover Kingdom found out there's a new kingdom which is Staria Kingdom. They also found out Heart Kingdom has all...
the ladybug and the devil (male reader x miraculous ladybug) by Kronos822005
the ladybug and the devil (male Kronos822005
Y/N Staria is teenager who is constantly pushed down by his peers in his middle school and suffers from anxiety and depression. In a attempt to escape he moves to Franço...
Anti-Magic by TacoTuesdaysM8
Anti-Magicby TacoTuesdaysM8
Harry Potter FANFICTION that takes place in the 5th book Theres always this nagging feeling at the back of the mind during summertime, that you should be working out or...
The Goodacre Chronicles #1: The Goodacre Lodge by curious_cat_3
The Goodacre Chronicles #1: The V. Ananya
The Goodacre Chronicles #1. Previously known as "Spectral Activity". *** [ONGOING] "Listen! Someone is knocking at the door!" One rainy day, when...
The Sanctum of the Warden by TheJuggernaut1
The Sanctum of the Wardenby The Juggernaut
In a world where magic is coveted and kept within the bounds of great families, a bastard is born to a common woman. Named Kaius, meaning flower in an ancient language...
Darkness of Magic by AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA
Darkness of Magicby Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele
Months ago, Kyra saved her realm from a very powerful force of evil and ended the great conflict between the humans and wizards, but peace hasn't returned like she had h...
When the world fades to black and all hope is lost the only hope is to look to what stops you from dreaming. A secondary undercover agency long rival of U.I.O.M. The A.A...
Pirates Achievement System by RagingBull04
Pirates Achievement Systemby RagingBull04
"Ron" found himself inexplicably in the world of One Piece, after he was hit by a speeding truck. Facing a life-threatening situation, our hero was rescued by...