Antibullying Stories

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Light Behind The Dark by MagBlueRoses
Light Behind The Darkby MagBlueRoses
When Chris finally decided to end it all, she found him. But will she able to light up his darkness? *** "I kill about 13 million kids a year" ...
Tragically Beautiful by OutOfMyLimit17
Tragically Beautifulby Kenadee
When a bet was made to see if Riley Carson would fall in love with Mitch Lingston, she didn't think she'd end up as the outcast of school. With rumors flying around ther...
In Love With The Bully by The_Potatoes
In Love With The Bullyby (❁´︶`❁)
A story about a girl falling in love with the guy that is bullying her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ADDITIONAL NOTES~ Odd numbers are Luna's letters to Aiden. Even...
The New Girl by Emmalicious101
The New Girlby Lois Emma Taylor
Flower Gems #Book 2 Emily is new in the Elite world of Accra, and it doesn't help that she comes from an unpopular town in the Eastern region. Emily moves to live in Acc...
Fireproof - Warren Peace by hadleyblue
Fireproof - Warren Peaceby had
'cause nobody knows you, baby, the way I do, and nobody loves you, baby, the way I do, it's been so long, it's been so long, maybe you are fireproof, 'cause nobody saves...
UNI'S EPIC ART BOOK by HolidayHorse
UNI'S EPIC ART BOOKby ✨️🌌 Uniqua 🌌✨️
Just an epic art book. All my art from 2018-19 to present. Also, husky memes and glithing dogs along with other news.
Why Don't You Just Die! (Completed) by nadiamalik786
Why Don't You Just Die! (Completed)by Future Writer In Sha Allah 😉
"You're a freak" his girlfriend said. "And soo ugly. I bet you no guy would ever look twice at that dried up face of yours" he laughed with his frie...
NinjaGay by Princess_of_Dorkness
NinjaGayby Angry-Unicorn
Just mindless Ninjago fluff and angst that come to mind. Don't like, don't read.
Taken (editing) by Miraculouis
Taken (editing)by navy👑
Jessica Sanchez, is just one of those girls who gets bullied on a daily basis, fights the urge to cut everyday, gets called names, has no friends at all but still puts u...
𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐋𝐈𝐅𝐄  ✔️ by __queenly__
𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐋𝐈𝐅𝐄 ✔️by 𝐂𝐡𝐥𝐨𝐞
# 1 I N B U L L Y I N G #1 I N H O R R O R # 1 I N D O M E S T I C V I O L E N C E # 1 I N A N T I - B U L L Y I N G # 1 I N R A I S E A W A...
New Girls In Town by prempeh_
New Girls In Townby ewurabena 🤍
"What If I don't?" He replied back. "Then this happens". I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine as he fell on the ground. "Oops, my bad"...
My Brother's Best Friend//kth by BangtanDrop_Fic
My Brother's Best Friend//kthby ~Saedi~
It is Park Areum's first day of school. Her brother introduces her to his friend,s BTS. She slowly gets to know them and starts to fall in love. She falls in love with t...
Hey Fatty  by Melissa_Pete
Hey Fatty by Melissa
"Hey Fatty." "..." "Hey Gorgeous." "..." "Hey Angel." "..."
Iced ✓ by randomsweetstuff
Iced ✓by Alexa
| The Snow Queen Retelling | Once upon a time, a girl lived with a frozen heart. Isn't it too bad that there's someone who wants to melt it? Chocolate, coffee and car...
Mismatched by TechGEN
Mismatchedby Dennis Steen
Seventeen-year-old Jason Davis, Jr. is in a huge heap of trouble when his parents as well as the parents of Hera Nguyen find out that he's been bullying her to an unacce...
song of the sea: book one by rhent395
song of the sea: book oneby Rachel Henthorne
After Emily is swept away in the ocean currents during a freak storm, or more like pushed overboard, everyone is rescued. Except for her. She spends her life of two year...
Seeing Red by GargoyleOfHope
Seeing Redby GargoyleOfHope
This is a bit of a rewrite of The End that is based on true events. This takes place a few years after Edd's death. Tord is back and he wants revenge on everyone who had...
Bring me the head of Turlington Jones by gparsons
Bring me the head of Turlington Gavin Parsons
[Completed] Only human arrogance makes us believe we are the only intelligent beings on earth.
Dear victim (Dear Bully's squeal)  by LTomlinson06
Dear victim (Dear Bully's squeal) by Louise_Tomlinson
Dear victim, I'm sorry... I miss you -Bully