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The Legend of Armstrong by johndoethemaster
The Legend of Armstrongby John Jimmy
Fuck it. This will be a story with no ships. We'll be doing a smart Senator Armstrong x Tokyo ghoul. -Images and gifs aren't mine -This is my work only
Investigator Kaneki of the CCG by Cryonites12
Investigator Kaneki of the CCGby Cryonites12
This is an AU where Kaneki joins the CCG as an investigator instead of meeting Touka and Anteiku. I don't own Tokyo Ghoul, nor the picture.
Crossed | Tokyo Ghoul x Vampire Knight by colourfulshadows
Crossed | Tokyo Ghoul x Vampire shadow
Niko is a sixteen-year-old girl with a cold look. She knows a lot and gets herself into things to learn more and stay on top. But suddenly she is frightened away from th...
Her Human Helper-  Eto X OC Male by Zekebowen
Her Human Helper- Eto X OC Maleby Zekebowen
What if there was someone else there for young Eto Yoshimura when she was growing up and what if that someone needed to be shown what it was like to be anything other th...
King of Tokyo by Rio_like_tg
King of Tokyoby Âbhïshēk Râj
Canon divergence, after ending yamori kaneki starts his own group and rises to the top of tokyo. IMPORTANT POINTS *this story is based more on the manga *Hinami doesn't...
The Cold War in Tokyo ((Tokyo ghoul x reader) reader x Eto)) by yoshimura75
The Cold War in Tokyo ((Tokyo Eto
You are a male one-eyed ghoul, who always lived peaceful and never had any trouble with anyone, but that was quick to change. The Aogiri tree is in a revolutionary state...
Sorry (Touken) by TotallyNotBald
Sorry (Touken)by MrIHateMondays
In a life filled with ghouls and humans, a girl with purple hair goes to a university filled with people with straight A's. With her friend, Yoriko, they, well have a ba...
Don't Ever Let Go [A Touken Fiction] by JoshuaHyuuga
Don't Ever Let Go [A Touken Joshua Ja
Kaneki Ken, Kirishima Touka and Nagachika Hideyoshi were best friends. They'd known each other since kindergarten. But everything started to change in their third year...
ETO'S HUMAN PET (ETO X OC) Tokyo Ghoul by OkraTheSinOfWriting
ETO'S HUMAN PET (ETO X OC) Tokyo OkraTheSinOfWriting
hey guys here's my second Eto story pls support and leave a comment enjoy !
Experiment 013 | Tokyo Ghoul by zombigail-chan
Experiment 013 | Tokyo Ghoulby ⚜
"My adorable, grotesque, beautiful, hideous little girl," she cooed sweetly, adorning a smile as radiant as heaven, yet inhabiting an intention as evil as hell...
Young Love, Innocent Love [An Ayahina Fiction] by JoshuaHyuuga
Young Love, Innocent Love [An Joshua Ja
Hello~~ this's the second part of my Tokyo Ghoul series~~ if you haven't read the first fiction "Don't Ever Let Go [A Touken Fiction]" then you'd better go che...
Winter In Tokyo • Arima Kishou •     [ON HIATUS] by BABYJYEON
Winter In Tokyo • Arima Kishou • Brina Han
☬ Mamizuka 'Elizabeth' Haruko is a ghoul investigator. She was sent to America to train as investigator when she was only 10 years old. She trained for 6 years before b...
Glassy Sky (Suzuya Juuzou) by SadnessAndHappiness-
Glassy Sky (Suzuya Juuzou)by Cend
Todavía recuerdo el día en que lo conocí, su cabello blanco alborotado pero manchado con aquella sustancia llamada sangre se movía al compás de él viento frío provocando...
Kaneki x OC | A Twist Of Fate by DragonWatt
Kaneki x OC | A Twist Of Fateby DRAGON
Kaneki Ken has just endured horrific torture at the hands of Jason, and has joined Aogiri. On a mission, he finds himself conflicted when he finds a ghoul alone and dyin...
Äñð†hêr Öñê-ÈɏêÐ Ghðµl (Discontinued) by JayMusic_Mix
Äñð†hêr Öñê-ÈɏêÐ Ghðµl ( 𝓙𝓪𝔂-𝓙𝓪𝔂
Jay is a half ghoul except that she was born as one but she takes tablets her mother gave her to control her hunger. Her mother is human and her father is a ghoul. Whil...
The Night that Changed Everything  Kaneki X reader by otakugirl1228
The Night that Changed otakugirl1228
You are the adopted child of Arima, otherwise known the death god of the CCG. He has raised you since the moment he found you as a baby wailing after your mother had be...
Naki X Reader [Smile] by Nikykola123
Naki X Reader [Smile]by Nikykola123
"Naki, you shouldn't cry whenever something goes wrong." "Then what am I supposed to do!?" "Smile." #################### I don't own the a...
The Thanksgiving Ghoul by Starling_Todoroki
The Thanksgiving Ghoulby Cosplay.Delusions
One month out of the year a very special ghoul comes out to play. Every year in the month of November an elegant, and attractive, female ghoul comes out. People dubs the...
Karma (AyatoXReader) by Amethyst_The_Otaku
Karma (AyatoXReader)by Amethyst (left)
Karma, what a funny word. The way it rolls off your tongue, you already know what it means. A force or law of nature which causes one to reap what one sows; destiny; fat...
Under The Quinquè by TheBlackGoatsEggs
Under The Quinquèby Insert Name
The next generation of Tokyo Ghoul? This is a continuation of the manga's finale. With major "artistic liberties" you'll thank me later.