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ကျွန်မလို System အချောလေး နဲ့အတူ ယုတ်မာကြရအောင်လား Host by CherryCherry334
ကျွန်မလို System အချောလေး နဲ့အတူ ယ Cherry
( Uni ) " ဖားဘဲ ! " System : ကျွန်မက ဖားမဟုတ်ပါဘူး host ... ကျွန်မက မြေခွေးပါ " မြေခွေးဘဲ ! " System : ..... ____________ ( Zawgyi ) " ဖားဘဲ...
【Quick Wear】 The Male God Is Jealous Again by Justurs
【Quick Wear】 The Male God Is Justurs
【Quick Wear】: The Male God Is Jealous Again 【快穿】:男神又在吃醋 Ongoing Author Jin Huacan It can be said that the characters in the novel belong to one who is very pure on the...
Fast time travel is role-playing every day by furheartedgurl06
Fast time travel is role-playing furheartedgurl06
Author: Danhua Shoumo After Yuntang's sudden death, she obtained the role-playing system. She decided to sign a contract with the system, play roles in vario...
System I Want Revenge by GoddessOfBlack89
System I Want Revengeby Chieko Urimeshi
Rank #3 in Conflict- August 7 2019 Rank #2 in Conflict--August 12 2019 Rank #1 in Rebirth- August 19 2019 Rank #3 in System-- September 1 2019 ................. "...
ငါႏိုးလာေတာ့ငါ့exရဲ႕မိန္းမျဖစ္ေနတယ္😵😵(complete) by chitsu278
ငါႏိုးလာေတာ့ငါ့exရဲ႕မိန္းမျဖစ္ေနတယ ma ma moe
Jaune Arc: Fate System by Seraoyne
Jaune Arc: Fate Systemby Caius Eve
As a child, Jaune Arc always dreamt of being a huntsman. After hearing the bedtime stories his mother used to tell him and the history of their family name from his fat...
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune Arc) by Drunken_Crow
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc... A Simple Boy Who Never Dreamed Of Being A Huntsman But Instead... A Knight... As He Gained Special Power. How Will This Simple Boy With A Dream Will Impact...
~My Beautiful HOST ~   by AshXtanXfab
~My Beautiful HOST ~ by Taniya Fab
Another popular topic that I got into , so i thought giving it a try 😉~ it's a story of a cold girl named Solana , who transmigrates to different world changing storie...
Fast-Crossing Sexual Blessing Strategy by furheartedgurl06
Fast-Crossing Sexual Blessing furheartedgurl06
Min Yao is a generation queen who accidentally died, but was bound to the "Sexual Blessing" strategy system. From then on, she began her career in various worl...
Sadistic and Erotic Fantasy by LazyAuthor7
Sadistic and Erotic Fantasyby LazyBones7
Even a cannibal with an ugly appearance can marry a beautiful wife. All series of sadistic and Erotic fairytales is inside this book. warning! if you will hate me for...
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Jaune Emiya's Fate by theone799
Jaune Emiya's Fateby AniAuthor
After Jaune Arc saved Cardin Winchester from the Ursa, Cardin still told everyone about his fake transcripts. All of beacon hates him all of sudden calling him fraud. Ja...
"If Love Is Like Desire, "Quickly Pass Through"" by furheartedgurl06
"If Love Is Like Desire, " furheartedgurl06
Author: Zhu Yan Eats the Mirror, Flowers and Eats the Tree Introduction to the work (copywriting): Ji Nanling has no memories of the past, but she knows that her mission...
Rwby react to other Jaunes And Other AUs by ChristianneFaeRemias
Rwby react to other Jaunes And lilygreenfae
You see the title ok Also I don't own Rwby and anythings I do it for fun
Jaune Arc The Legacy Of heroes by theone799
Jaune Arc The Legacy Of heroesby AniAuthor
It all started when that Mongrel revealed my transcripts to those idiots i called my friends. After i was chased out of my dorms by those people that i called my exfrien...
Jaune Multiverse by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Multiverseby Jaunedice
Canon RWBY during the Vytal Festival reacting to my Stories about their friend Jaune Arc The Multiverse is a Fun place RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth All rights reserved
Jaune Jedi Knight by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Jedi Knightby Jaunedice
Jaune being the first born child of the Arc Family was gifted with something that Remnant hasn't seen before....And then come hooded figures and whisked him away from hi...
A being of great power has taken the RWBY Cast to another realm to watch themselves in different situations and adventures. How will they react to the things their other...
The Arc of Kung Fu (Rewrite) by TrentenFireCloud
The Arc of Kung Fu (Rewrite)by FireLord969
After having his transcripts revealed at Beacon, Jaune Arc is shunned and bullied by everyone except Ruby, Yang, Nora, Ren, Pyrrha, Blake, Goodwitch, and Ozpin. His fath...
Jaune Mandalorian by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Mandalorianby Jaunedice
Having been denied of his dreams for the last time Jaune planned to run away but he was cut off by his Grand Father What will happen if the Arc Family was part of an Anc...
Jaune Spartan by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Spartanby Jaunedice
When his Fake Transcripts were exposed everyone but a few turned against him having had enough of the constant abuse and hate Jaune flung himself into Emerald Forest to...