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Flower Boy (Legosi x Male! Reader) by schapman706
Flower Boy (Legosi x Male! Reader)by AuzzieBites
You were always a little different. You never could stay in one place for too long, you were a foster kid. And you never wanted to stay anyhow, you would run away. Then...
Glacier's Tale | M.Mina by sugarjaerin
Glacier's Tale | M.Minaby Jasmine♀🌺
"Did you know a fox is sneaky, agile, and passionate? If you are interested, I'll show you..." Princess Glacier, also known as Myoui Mina from Northern Alaska...
Nick Wilde X reader: Rivalry by sleeplesswindigo
Nick Wilde X reader: Rivalryby Coffee bastard
You are an arctic fox that works as a spy for the zootopian police station. Strangely neither Nick nor Judy have met you yet, until you make an unexpected grand entranc...
the nine-tails daughter by veronicaphantomhive
the nine-tails daughterby veronicaphantomhive
team 7 find a white fox but here's the catch, the fox has nine tails. how will this little fox change naruto's world. will there be love?
A Snow White Kit by capcake1625
A Snow White Kitby capcake1625
A snow white kit (a baby fox) named Snowball is a very calm female who is more mature than her other siblings, though being the second youngest. Her family is killed whi...
Tortoise System [BL] by FloofyLove
Tortoise System [BL]by How_Lovely_❤️
A typical system story about a lonely tortoise and an iceberg fox. They meet and yet, they seem to know each other? A simple, straightforward romance of reincarnation i...
White Christmas  {A Narnia Fan Fic} (ON HOLD) by cl07ai09re
White Christmas {A Narnia Fan BTS💜13💜ARMY
Ever since his time with the White Witch, Edmund hates winter and everything that reminds him of her. But winter has come to Narnia and Christmas is just around the corn...
Minecraft: Arctic Fox by Quill_Fritz
Minecraft: Arctic Foxby Quill Fritz
Living among society is Persephone, a girl who was experimented on, the one who has modified genes that gave them a power she never wished. A power which society despise...
Nick Wilde X OC by OneGayMess
Nick Wilde X OCby FallingInReverse
Yvonne McClawer, an arctic fox, moved into Zootopia not long ago. Finding a job while enduring the still ongoing hate for foxes makes her life quite the exciting adventu...
Just Some Artz by Birchiewoof
Just Some Artzby Birchie :D
Some artz and fanartz for me and you. ...but mainly me.
Zootopia: Guardians by Garrett_ZTR
Zootopia: Guardiansby Garrett_ZTR
This time speed won't be enough! Bellwether escapes from prison and Levi, Nick, and Judy must find her before she puts her next plans into action. Meanwhile, Angelina H...
Our Pack by SouthernMoonPack
Our Packby The Therian Southern Moon Pack
Hi! Welcome to the wattpad of the Southern Moon Pack. If you have questions, feel free to message us!
Team Animalia (UNDER RE-WRITING! CHECK FOR CHANGES) by Kiera_Savage
Team Animalia (UNDER RE-WRITING! Kiera Savage
The year is 3056 in the country of Syntoria. Most of the planet has been taken over by man-eating monstrosities known only as the mutants. To ensure the survival of huma...
All Together by Jack_the_killer
All Togetherby Jack the killer
arcticfox is a 17 year old boy who loves icewolf alot and finally makes hos move of dating than marriage Icewolf is a 17 year old girl who loves arcticfox alot and is v...
Hail The Apocalypse by OtterlySmooth
Hail The Apocalypseby Otter Fox
Snowy Broden, a young Arctic Fox, is enjoying his life in Zootopia. He listens to heavy metal and plays in the snow. However, when an alien invasion threatens the city...
Snow Fox by ImAUglyPotato
Snow Foxby aestheticxs
Snow Fox is about a 12 year-old girl, she moves to a new school in Alaska. Moving to her new house, she finds a baby fox, she can't tell her parents about him . She is a...
Bright by Redwing190
Brightby Icestar
Esther Runlik, an orphan girl, is used to her boring life, but one Christmas, she receives a letter from Santa Claus, stating that she is his only hope because his head...