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Upon Wings Of Change by CrystalScherer
Upon Wings Of Changeby Crystal Scherer
No one ever said what would happen when dragons and aliens meet. And no one told me that I would be in the middle of it. Tasha was studying hard to get through her last...
Abducted by linarroo
Abductedby linarroo
When sixteen-year-old Nevada runs away from her abusive foster parents she is abducted to a secret military base. There she gets experimented upon alongside an alien. S...
Sector 51 by AnimalX23
Sector 51by Ben Wilkins
In the not-too-distant-future, Earth has become a safe haven for a myriad of alien species that want to live out their lives co-existing with us, but not all of them com...
Attack on Our World by inwales
Attack on Our Worldby 宝島友音
An Attack on Titan Fanfiction --- They've always had to deal with it, pain agony, and suffering. It was their piece of the pie, their way of life. Lack of medicine and...
Abducted Love by webbiegail
Abducted Loveby webbiegail
Darley Vance is abducted by an underwater colony of aliens living on planet 🌍 Earth, will she be able to give her heart to Rebion, son of their leader? And amidst the...
Aliens - Un Fatto Vale Più Di Mille Parole by MERITHMOON3
Aliens - Un Fatto Vale Più Di MERITHMOON3
Probabilmente hai sempre nuove idee e tanto entusiasmo. Forse qualcuno ti definisce un'inguaribile sognatrice, ma il nostro consiglio è di non lasciarti portare "fu...
Kingdom Hearts: Independence Day by mickol93
Kingdom Hearts: Independence Dayby mickol93
21th adventure. The heroes have arrived on a new world, where the fourth of July is near. But while there, they're receiving strange activity coming from space. It was a...
We Got trapped in Area-51 by werespike48
We Got trapped in Area-51by werespike482.0
[COMPLETED] Star & Marco and their class mates went to Nevada for a field trip, they got trapped/or manage to get stuck in Area-51. The "boss" wanted to make a...
I am Rome (Complete) by EdwardMullen
I am Rome (Complete)by Edward Mullen
Seventeen-year old pizza delivery boy Joe Smith lives a simple life - he has a bike, a job, and a crush on a girl. That's about it. He doesn't have dreams beyond working...
Area 51 Raid Memes by _Slytherin-Queen_
Area 51 Raid Memesby Infektiöse Königin
Yes. I know. I can't help myself! I'm addicted!! If I keep adding them to my randomness book it'll fill up >.< Godric help me >.<
New Wings (On Hold) by Kodi20
New Wings (On Hold)by Kodi20
Isabelle loved playing sports with her little brother Sammy, which came in handy when trying to outrun some men. When kidnapped she expected to wake up in someones basem...
OTHERBORN: EARTH'S CRUST SURVIVAL [SEASON ONE, Episodes 1, 2 & 3] by knightsofdystopia
OTHERBORN: EARTH'S CRUST knightsofdystopia
Earth's crust is breaking up. In the aftermath of a seismic shift, Maddie and her little brother Fin fend for themselves. Alone. They find a hidden people called the Mym...
Bird of prey by Alpine_Jack
Bird of preyby Alpine_Jack
Timber was walking to a party when she was kidnapped. she certainly did not expect to wake up with four feet, wings and fur. Mad scientists are bad enough but things ge...
2doc images  by SanrioGod
2doc images by 💮
Includes nsfw please look at the hashtags
Apex Predator (Chronicle Fan fiction) by ghostreader123
Apex Predator (Chronicle Fan ghostreader123
Andrew lives... A Chronicle Fanfiction
 MEMES yeah I don't update this much  by Anime-_-nerd
MEMES yeah I don't update this Transboi-_-Nerd
I wanna know what the fuck is happening tellll meeeee
Jane and Clock f*ck @ Area 51 by sleepysadgorl
Jane and Clock f*ck @ Area 51by uh oh, stinky
Jane and Clock out here, gettin smexy at Area 51 (pls prepare your anus before reading this, you could go blind)
Area 51 by kenzEfade
Area 51by ~
"What happened to you...."
This God Forsaken Planet by Drizzeltheraincat
This God Forsaken Planetby Drizzle the rain cat
Professor Curly Pop and her assistant, Shmutle, are sent to investigate some strange radio signals and have the misfortune of discovering a race that call them selves hu...
Area 51 by carlyraeswift
Area 51by carlyraeswift
"Yo, Pete? You up for raiding Area 51?" In which Shuri, Peter, Flash, MJ, Ned, Liz, Wanda, and Deadpool investigate what the heck is really going on in Area 51.