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The Abysswalker And The Rose (Dark Souls/Rwby Crossover) by VeritasHellsing
The Abysswalker And The Rose ( Nicholas Bennett
The wolf knight Artorias, known as the abysswalker, is fighting a dark power within himself known as the abyss, when suddenly he is transported to the land of Remnant, a...
The Abysswalker in Kalos by PuddingPancake
The Abysswalker in Kalosby Grimm
Artorias fell at the hands of the chosen undead but was given a chance to live once more this story will follow Artorias and Sif on their journey in this new world. I g...
mercenary killer from hired by Arthurpendragon285
mercenary killer from hiredby Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Camelot a castle which Also known as the utopía where the weak Is protected by the Knights of the roundtable led by "Arthur pendragon" which in truth Is actual...
Ay I'm Just The Musician (Male Reader in RWBY) by ImJustABard
Ay I'm Just The Musician (Male ImJustABard
"So we're doing a skit?" "Yeah, why'd you ask that weirdly?" "Because you said we're doing a skit... while were in Beacon. That's not fucking we...
My Eternal Service. by gokugunslinger
My Eternal gokugunslinger
A young Gwyndolin(female) meets an undead, ashamed of himself and has traveled to Anor Londo to beg the Gods for help.
The Wolf of the Abyss and Hell by 0M3G4-009
The Wolf of the Abyss and Hellby 0M3G4-009
(A Jolly Hazbin Hotel and Dark Souls Fanfiction) Darkness is inside of us everyday. A raw crave the mock and haunt us for as long as we can remember. (Y/N) was a special...
abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
Wolf of the Round Table [Male!Arotrias!Reader X Fate Grand Order] by conN0426
Wolf of the Round Table [Male! Silver Phoenix
(Y/N) Pendragon, the second son of Artoria, a Knight through and through, fate delt him a horrible hand in life and now those who led him there must face what he's become
The Hunter,The Abysswalker,and The Avenger (ON HOLD) by AbyssalSun
The Hunter,The Abysswalker,and Blacksun
(UNDERGOING MAJOR REWRITE) This is a crossover between Bloodborne,Dark souls,and as you can guess it The Avenger..... When S.H.I.E.L.D were experimenting on the Tesserac...
Izuku y el Abismal legado de los Vigilantes by -Kono-D1o-DA-
Izuku y el Abismal legado de los -R3iner-Braun-facha
bueno,espero y lo disfruten Dark soouls y su basto lore junto con My Hero Academia
The Wolf Knights New Home (Artorias X Overwatch) by Pourzal
The Wolf Knights New Home ( Pourzal
Artorias comes across a weird looking portal and enters it not expecting anything to happen, but the opposite of what he was thinking happens.
Song of the Abyss by Nomad22323
Song of the Abyssby Full Name
The final hours of Artorias the Abysswalker inspired by The Aviators song by by the same title
⫸- Dark Souls Oneshots & Fanart | My Ships & Trash -⫷ by -MultiFandomChaos-
⫸- Dark Souls Oneshots & Fanart | Papa Nihil Emeritus
I WENT ON A VERY CHAOTIC SHIPPING SPLURGE WITH DARK SOULS ONE, I'M SORRY IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM- So, most of these if not all will be related to MY ships because all of...
Dusk and Dawn book 2 by Morning-sky
Dusk and Dawn book 2by Morning-sky
I highly recommend you read my first book! In this edition things are boiling down, mostly. It'll be updated as much as possible.
The Fifth Knight Of Gwyn by AbysswalkerAstraea
The Fifth Knight Of Gwynby AbysswalkerAstraea
A fifth knight of Gwyn, Eira, has been promoted. Taking her fancy to her captain, Ornstein, the two believe that one another could never like each other. That is, until...
The abyss walker (Fallen knight Artorias x Rwby) by Dr_Voodoo_
The abyss walker (Fallen knight Dr_Voodoo_
A warrior out of time must complete his last assignment defeat the queen of darkness, but can he complete his mission without falling to darkness himself
An Abyss Watcher's Duty by djrego18
An Abyss Watcher's Dutyby djrego18
The Abyss Watchers have fought the vile creatures and wraiths that are produced from the Abyss since before the Kingdom of Lordran came to be. For years the Abyss has re...
Of Light and Dark by brian7134
Of Light and Darkby brian7134
A long time ago there was a world covered in mist and the everlasting dragons. From the depth of the earth a fire emerge which was a sign of new life. Forged by light an...