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50 Days (USWNT) by Itswooolf
50 Days (USWNT)by Emma
Carter Merritt is dying. And no, not metaphorically. Literally. With only six months left to live, she's supposed to make the most of her time. Though, she has been unab...
New Family by reimagine07
New Familyby reimagine07
Melissa Bishop is a 13 years old girl who lives in an orphanage with her 5 years old brother. Find out what happens when she cames back from a school trip one day to f...
Not the Same (Alex Morgan/Reader)  by Thompson1317
Not the Same (Alex Morgan/Reader) by Lonewalker17
It has been one year since your wedding day and if you're thinking your married, sorry to say, but you're not. It has been one year since Alex Morgan left you on your we...
Push by bubblegum865
Pushby AK
Cameron Santiago has went through ordeals in her life no teenager should go through. With the right people in her life, she will do big things. She loves to push herself...
Becoming friends (uswnt) by vauseplease
Becoming friends (uswnt)by 15erskwad
Peyton Skylar Kline (17 years old) is an open person with a terrible home life. She aspires to play on the uswnt. Can it happen? What happens when they have a game in he...
It Takes a Village by blaire_11
It Takes a Villageby Blaire
4 year old Blaire finds a new family
Sacrifice by Itswooolf
Sacrificeby Emma
At the age of 13, Bailey was forced to skip large amounts of school and was made to go to the hospital frequently. Why? No one knows except for herself and her family. ...
The Secret Sister by wosowosowoso13
The Secret Sisterby wosowosowoso13
Madison Horan, is the football (soccer) star, Lindsey Horan's sister who cut of all contacts 3 years ago. She's been through many ups and downs. Ok fine, she's been thro...
Fighter (USWNT) by Cr8zyL0uise2020
Fighter (USWNT)by Cr8zyL0uise2020
Zinnia Elizabeth McPhearson has had a lot of tragedy in her life she is 20 years old. She has been called up to the national team. Zinnia is an intelligent young woman b...
Laconic by nutmegger
Laconicby nutmegger
Cameron and Elizabeth (Liza), are teenage sisters who were separated from their mother at a very young age. Cameron, 16, and Liza, 14, are both in the hell hole of what...
Chance - USWNT by imperfect82
Chance - USWNTby imperfect82
Nicole Lewis has been in the foster care system for as long as she can remember. Now at the age of fifteen, she gets the chance to compete to be apart of USWNT.
Hopeful fighter by AlessandraRubello
Hopeful fighterby Ally
Abigail Morris is a 15 year-old teenager who lives in a small village near Portland, Oregon. Follow her story as she becomes close with the USWNT. Will her life become e...
How I became Savannah Solo Part 1 by blaire_11
How I became Savannah Solo Part 1by Blaire
The story that shows my life at 16 and being the next top soccer player for the U.S. National team. Fanfiction of the USWNT some AU!
I Was Adopted By Who (USNWT) by Cr8zyL0uise1997
I Was Adopted By Who (USNWT)by Cr8zyL0uise1997
I am Dontella Marie Muller this is my story how i was adopted by a USWNT player. I speak four different languages, my mom and dad taught them me before they were killed...
The Journey to Us by kodakSklax
The Journey to Usby Lex S.
In 2014, Alexis Jones thought she would never get out of her mother's hold until to strangers in a grocery store changed her life and taught her how to be loved and how...
Save Me (ON HOLD) by uswntforlife29
Save Me (ON HOLD)by uswntforlife29
Cameron Davies is a UCLA student whose life revolves around soccer. Life has been rough on her ever since she was a little kid but she never gave up. What happens when s...
Part of the Team by divergent_harmonizer
Part of the Teamby divergent_harmonizer
Lundy Dez is a teenager from Colorado who has dedicated her entire life to reaching the professional soccer level. After a stunning career on the u-20 DA, she is scoute...
I will always be there to save you by LucyBronze2
I will always be there to save youby LucyBronze2
Jordan is a fire fighter who meets the love of her life out on an emergency call...
Becoming A Lioness by soccerlover35
Becoming A Lionessby Kate
After Kate received a call that shattered her dreams of playing alongside her heroes, and for the country she grew up in, she knew the only way to achieve her goal of pl...