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Distance // Ashton Irwin by brylouise96
Distance // Ashton Irwinby Brianna White
Holly was happy with life. She was happy with early morning drives to the coffee shop before work, and spending most of her free time with her bestfriend. Life was perf...
The Step Father • lrh by gtfoelliee
The Step Father • lrhby gtfoellie
"this is so wrong," he whispered against my lips, "but it feels so right" *daddy kink Luke Hemmings* "The Step Father" 2016 © Ellie Nealy
Porn Star by sparklehaze
Porn Starby sparklehaze
Luke Hemmings needed a job. A porn company had job openings. Ashton Irwin worked at said porn company. Luke and Ashton get paired up to work together and Luke's crus...
Big Book of 5SOS imagines by angstykpop
Big Book of 5SOS imaginesby angstykpop
welcome to my 5sos imagine(s) book! ALL of these imagines are from tumblr. ALL authors get full credit! enjoy :)
break the heartbreaker : luke by -lukeniall
break the heartbreaker : lukeby autumn
MISSION: BREAK THE HEARTBREAKER RULES 1) only kisses are allowed. second base and above are PROHIBITED. 2) meeting the parents or any relative is not allowed. it will le...
Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [au]  by rdysasi
Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [ Rebecca
"All you needed was for someone to paint you wings; to set you free from the memories that tied you down." ~~~ Emilia Anderson has spent far too many years shi...
two doors down: a.f.i by MakayMell
two doors down: a.f.iby Ma Kaylee
in love with the girl two doors down
Addicted 》l.h by Hemmoisapenguin
Addicted 》l.hby i have no clue
"Fuck off" "Why do that, when I can fuck you? --- Two people. One bet. Who will the winner be? All rights reserved © 2014 Hemmoisapenguin(Despina)
and then you left // cth by permanentchase
and then you left // cthby permanentchase
"you left me, cal. after everything you'd said, after every promise, you left me without even saying goodbye," my words knock the wind out of him. he doesn't k...
eternity// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
eternity// 5SOSby no tour spoilers PLS
SEQUEL to serendipity Michael always found there was a honeymoon phase after adoption. Kids behaved, everyone played together nicely, and everything seemed to be perfec...
Do I Wanna Know? || Ashton Irwin by duIcedeIeche
Do I Wanna Know? || Ashton Irwinby victoria
How many secrets can you keep? Sequel to No. 1 Party Anthem
Staged and Confused | LRH by cashtonscurls11
Staged and Confused | LRHby saige
"Love shouldn't play by the rules. It's all about chemistry." - in which two singers are told to fake on stage chemistry; but there's not so much faking it. Hi...
Ticket [lh] by 5secondsofeline
Ticket [lh]by Eline
'Hey Megan, got tickets for your friend and you for 5SOS. I'm going with you guys as you needed an 18+ person, so you better be nice to me the next few months.. love you...
butterfly// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
butterfly// 5SOSby no tour spoilers PLS
PREQUEL TO SERENDIPITY A new home meant a new identity was possible. New friends, new clothes, hell even a new name. You had to expect the unexpected, and simply hope w...
My Ex is My Teacher (Luke Hemmings) by erica_xoxo_
My Ex is My Teacher (Luke Hemmings)by Rachel F.S.
"Hello class. I'm going to be your Math teacher for the year." No. It couldn't be. "My name is Mr. Hemmings." And it is. "Now first let me tak...
Strings Attached  (lashton, editing) by stardustash
Strings Attached (lashton, grass
Luke has a son with his ex-boyfriend Michael, Ashton is in college and can't get enough of Luke. College Student!ashton Father!luke
simmer down // a.i. [ON HOLD] by educashton
simmer down // a.i. [ON HOLD]by educashton
in which a girl named emma signs up for a summer job working at the same hotel that a boy named ashton is staying in with his band. © educashton, 2014. all rights reserv...
Magic (5sos/l.h. Hogwarts AU) by jumping-from-swings
Magic (5sos/l.h. Hogwarts AU)by Leila
Leila is your average girl. She reads books, does her homework and talks to her friends and family. But that's in the holidays. One big thing makes Leila's life differen...
5sos one shots by FINEHEMMINGS
5sos one shotsby ash
we'd fall from grace we're fallin'
butterflies ➳ ashton irwin by greenplaidash
butterflies ➳ ashton irwinby .
rose hated herself. ashton thought she was more beautiful than a butterfly. {COMPLETED - SEQUEL STARTING NOW}