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Taboo Desires by StormWriter128
Taboo Desiresby StormWriter128
This is a erotic story of a son and his list for his mom. If that's not your style, then I'd recommend you don't read.
sneck into my heart | neck x shrek by onceuponaonceler
sneck into my heart | neck x shrekby Lord Onceler
a tragic tale of love, betrayal, and triumph. a story for the ages. new yourk time bstsuller skrttt tiddies🐴🐴🐴 gae😈😈😈😈🙊🙈🙉 don't make fun of me bc im emo this i...
Tom Hiddleston Smutty Drabbles by Allykatx3
Tom Hiddleston Smutty Drabblesby ally kat
Just a bunch of one-shot smutty dribbles that needed to be written. If you're not into that kink then please feel free to skip to the next chapter. Currently ongoing. I'...
BangPD the witch bitch and his voodoo doll Jackson Wang😩💦🔞🔞 by pancreatic_cum
BangPD the witch bitch and his pancreatic_cum
BangPD performs witchcraft on Jackson Wang to devour his ass🥵🔞🔞🔞
The alien encounter by xmariadudilupex
The alien encounterby xmariadudilupex
Marina- the daughter of King Septar. Ruling over the entire planet of Jizmbo, he realizes he needs slaves. HUMAN slaves. Marina gets sent off to Earth to capture humans...
The Catch by Normu_Stormu
The Catchby Normu Stormu
"Only one way to get it out of our system..."
Pleasing her: A short ass worshiping story.  by dereheis
Pleasing her: A short ass Josh Kent
Thank you for the positive response to my previous story, published nearly a year ago. I'm back. This doesn't have the same concrete themes of femdom, but it has element...
The Pisswater Chronicles  by _JeSsaY_
The Pisswater Chronicles by Jessica Lemon Pisswater
Jessica Lemon Pisswater is not your average protagonist. She kills people, does hard drugs and has over 100 bastard children. Follow her in this epic tale of romance, de...
Impulse by sexystylinson28
Impulseby sexystylinson28
written by ss98 Edward and harry styles are twin brothers with sinister intent and too dark eyes . Louis has a strong head on his shoulders and thats just what the twi...
Tyblat x Romeo a sexy story by bencutio4life
Tyblat x Romeo a sexy storyby bencutio4life
The hawt prince of nekos takes a interest on a heterosexual whore known ass romeo. The prince is here to steal romeo from his cousin juliete, whos a suicidal annoying...
Larry One Shot by alwaysinmyheartttt
Larry One Shotby Always In My Heart
This is just smut, a short one shot. It's based on when h&l are married with kids. Twins. Darcy and Izzy. Let's just say Harry has a few ideas on how to wake Louis up in...
ball monokuma by killuakohaii
ball monokumaby psyche
a fascinating tale, filled with neverending twists and turns, sure to keep you on your toes! read on, as you find yourself falling in love with a mysterious monochrome s...
One direction ate my ass!?!?👊🏻🍑❗️😔 by obamaatemyhole
One direction ate my ass!?!?👊🏻🍑 obamaatemyhole
(Yn) was walking alone at night and suddenly someone ran up behind her and covered her mouth 👄 You gasped😱😰🤳🏻👄
End of the Day by lilolo711
End of the Dayby LoLoAGoGo
Ariana owns a little bakery downtown. A good friend of hers, Megan, stops in to help clean up the shop one evening. They realize they both want to be more than just frie...
I SUCK ASS by jungwhatthefook97
I like ass. That's all
Principal's List by LittleDebHeeHees
Principal's Listby LittleDebHeeHees
Edwin Vargas, was, well, an invisible student. His grades, his friends, and altogether present state was translucent, as well. But what if someone saw him? Someone...