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Blind Spot (Toph Beifong x Male!Reader) by IronCharizardX
Blind Spot (Toph Beifong x Male! Ikazuchi
[Y/n] is a runaway prince, presumed dead by his family. He was taught fire bending by the last remaining dragon on the planet, Ignis, who was born with a defect so he wo...
Earth and Fire [Toph Beifong x OC] by JonahHex5
Earth and Fire [Toph Beifong x OC]by JonahHex5
Suhara is a runaway prince of the Fire Nation, presumed dead by his family. He was taught fire bending at first by his father, but because of being a runaway Suhara mee...
City Lights Love (Bolin x Reader) by Aurora_Borealis28
City Lights Love (Bolin x Reader)by Aurora Borealis
A girl has lost her father at a young age. He left her everything she needed, including the protection and the family of the Triple Threat Triad. A lot is expected of he...
Burning With Desire by mochikun91
Burning With Desireby mochikun91
Cross between the world of 2moons by Chiffon_Cake and a world of bending. Wayo becomes the Avatar, how will he take on this new found responsibility. Will his best frien...
The Adventures of Aang and Y/n Book One Water by SuicideTitan2017
The Adventures of Aang and Y/n ♥️~Titan~♥️
This story is of Y/n and her friends as she travels to find her soulmate. She was trapped in ice long ago when the war had started and invaded her water tribe village. Y...
i am... | zuko by fromserenity
i am... | zukoby aecha
Losing my twin sister was like losing my other half. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. However, it gave me light in the darkness that I've been through. I...
Transcend (Zuko x Reader or Sokka x Reader) by ashesonthedoor
Transcend (Zuko x Reader or A
Your destiny has always been to help the Avatar, even if you were born into the very nation that caused the war to begin with. Rating will go up later in the story.
Mai x Zuko Imagines bc yee by BTSSNATCHEDMYWiG
Mai x Zuko Imagines bc yeeby A Garden Hoe
Lol ppl don't write these a lot and this is headcanon to core (also I'm just OBSESSED with Mai but that's not the point) Hope you enjoy
Me and my irl friends judge Wattpad Y/n by AudreyPhnixWolf
Me and my irl friends judge AudreyPhnixWolf
ME AND MY IRL FRIENDS MAKE FUN OF AND JUDGE WATTPAD Y/N CAUSE WE CAN!!! btw I this is just a fun little skit thing that I decided to do and if you want the og then go to...
Rising Phoenix by Nightstar24
Rising Phoenixby Nightstar24
***An Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfiction*** The world changed when the Fire Nation attacked. It was before my time, but I know the story well. I learned it in school...
The Boy With the Tatoos by Musicmoe33
The Boy With the Tatoosby Musicmoe33
Zuko has realized how he really feels about Aang. He hasn't seen him for eight years, and now the Avatar is coming to visit.
Birth of a Valkýra by Amber_Janae
Birth of a Valkýraby A.J
"You're no longer alone. I will always be here with you. I promise to always stand by your side. To catch you whenever you fall. To fix you when you are broken. To...
Love of Fire by GoodStoryBoy
Love of Fireby GoodStoryBoy
Aang as you all know, is the Avatar. But after taking a hard hit to the end on top of the Fire Nation Drill, the Avatar spirits leave him and entered Katara giving her a...
OC Book by Helios_Haven
OC Bookby Oz’s Writing Library
All my Ocs in one place. If your interested you can ask them a question and I'll put their response in a response book! (I don't own the cover and sadly can't find the o...
If avatar had Facebook by satanicloans
If avatar had Facebookby Boi
This is if team avatar and friends had Facebook.
Random-Ass Avatar Things by AllThoseFandomsTho
Random-Ass Avatar Thingsby ✿❀ꂵꌩ꓄ꃅ❀✿
Avatar the Last Airbender. Memes and otherwise-
Avatar The Last Airbender by _lakia
Avatar The Last Airbenderby lakiareads
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four...
The Tale of Kotori (LOK) by CreeperGal
The Tale of Kotori (LOK)by ☼Summer☼
Two girls living in the same world, but two very different lives. Korra the Avatar, and Kotori, an Earth bender. They live their lives, Kotori, just knowing of the Avata...
The Legend of Genji by ana345xcxgyguygutc
The Legend of Genjiby ana345xcxgyguygutc
This is the story of the next avatar
Everything Wrong With: The Legend of Korra by Tohabath
Everything Wrong With: The Jay Tohab
Time to dissect this beloved series properly (at least, the pilot episode), in a Cinema Sins (/Story Sins, I guess :P ) Everything Wrong With parody!