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Playing Hard to Get (August Alsina Story) by _GuiltyPleasure_
Playing Hard to Get (August _GuiltyPleasure_
Camila has never been the easy type. One day while she's out with her best friend she meets a guy by the name of "Young". Watch as they play the cat and mouse...
My teacher  | August alsina by LovinYungin
My teacher | August alsinaby 🖤
Avery marie starts off her last highschool year in a new school called Hungerwoods High. Most of her teachers she is fond of but what one of the teachers really stand ou...
Trauma by MsChryssieE
Traumaby Chryssie E
Its amazing how love can conqueror all, but cause so much destruction at the same time. As powerful as it is, when suddenly taken away, what are we left with... TRAUMA...
The Matrimony 3 (Completed)  by AlwaysInMyFeelings
The Matrimony 3 (Completed) by Lalaaa
Aziah And August Are Back With More Drama,Pettiness,And Struggles Will These Two EVER Get It Together Or Will Aziah Drop A Ball On August August Ain't The Only One Who...
August Alsina - Secret by StoriesByKyB
August Alsina - Secretby Ky
Shai and August were longtime childhood friends. Their relationship escalated throughout the years and they became a couple. The teenagers were madly in love and could n...
The Matrimony 4 (Completed) by AlwaysInMyFeelings
The Matrimony 4 (Completed)by Lalaaa
Aziah And August Are Back Can They Make When There Love Is Tested This Time Are Will These Two Let The Devil Take Over Thier Marriage Read To Find Out
No Love  (August Alsina Love Story) by diaryoflala
No Love (August Alsina Love Story)by diaryoflala
A preachers daughter and the schools star football players gets caught up in a world of games , jealousy, and anger.
J. Cole Dreams: She's Too Young by twinkledonuts
J. Cole Dreams: She's Too Youngby twinkledonuts
J. cole aka Jermaine, can't get Asia Solivin out of his mind. The only problem is that she's in highschool, and that's way too young for him. One side of him tells him t...
In Love With A Thug by wassupfam_
In Love With A Thugby wassupfam_
A August Alsina Hood Love Story
Simply Shattered  (On Hold) by xoceceliaaa
Simply Shattered (On Hold)by xoceceliaaa
She's shattered abused her whole life and end up being pregnant at 16 with the baby's father disclaiming their he's back in their life but she don't know ho...
Mirror Mirror On The Wall by _lovelyyy_
Mirror Mirror On The Wallby reading♡muse
You don't realize how close you are to doing something stupid until it's too late. "If only these walls could talk" Book contains heavy sexually content, inap...
No Love (August Alsina Story) by JeweledCreation
No Love (August Alsina Story)by JeweledCreation
August is all about his business. He's tired of all these reckless, thirsty and whore acting girls. He isn't looking for anyone. He enjoys being single. What if this one...
Comfort Inn by Rayestorm
Comfort Innby Raye Storm
Rayne is a writer to the stars who finds herself with conflicted feelings of one particular star. What happens with the cold heart that she never thought she had gets br...
Love Affair (August Alsina Fan Fiction) by Babydoll2k16
Love Affair (August Alsina Fan Brooklyn baby
A young woman that has been beat, lied to, and used, meets a man that changes her life. For good or bad, is the question.
Believe: The Tia Monroe Story (August Alsina) {on hold till spring} by WeLoveRyah
Believe: The Tia Monroe Story ( Maryah
Tia Monroe is a hard working girl who is determined to follow her dreams. But her dreams get put on hold when she struggles through her life in high school Including shy...
LOVE IS BLIND  by vonny_cole
LOVE IS BLIND by vonny_cole
L-O-V-E a four letter word, defined as a strong feeling or affection for something or someone. She doesnt believe in love, because of what occurred in her past. She avoi...
Alsina is my Weakness by Onesoul4me
Alsina is my Weaknessby Von Miseria.
Love is quite grand, but misery conquers all. I used to fall easily, now I can't fall at all. Sobriety is nonexistent, thanks to Merlot and Hennessy. Our love faded lo...