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Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Avengers Crossover) by realmwalkerdragon
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Kora
'Ordinary', was not exactly the word Tony would use to describe the avengers. Far from it. No, between norse gods, walking science miracles, assassins, and more, the Ave...
Edward and Winry After Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood by WolfPanda95
Edward and Winry After Fullmetal WolfPanda95
I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. This just my idea of what could or might happpen. Edward and Winry seem to be getting alot closer. Roy and Riza may start to show ho...
Fullmetal Alchemist's Daughter by ZKAngel18
Fullmetal Alchemist's Daughterby Queen ElsAndi Vi Britannia
Humankind cannot again anything without first giving something in return; to obtain, something of equal value has be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exch...
That One Ishvalan Alchemist ( Edward x Reader) by Cj-TheYoungling
That One Ishvalan Alchemist ( Cj.WitchyBitchy
(Y/N) is a state alchemist. But she loves automail. She committed the taboo when she was younger as an attempt to bring her father back to life. She struggles with being...
Fullmetal Deku by I_Live_4_Books
Fullmetal Dekuby I_Live_4_Books
When his mother dies, Izuku, coming across old books of his father's, pours himself into the life of Alchemy. He dedicates two years of his life to studying the science...
Steel Hearts[Fairy Tail X Full Metal Alchemist Crossover] by xHarukaLucyx
Steel Hearts[Fairy Tail X Full back from the dead
It began on the day Layla Heartfilia died. Lucy was of course still young but she understood the feelings of sadness. She then found a book in her father's study and beg...
I'll see you again by karie_keyz
I'll see you againby karma
oc in fma, DISCLAIMER I don't own anyone from fullmetal alchemist. If you don't like oc x characters ( not really lol) please do not read. I do own my oc that's in the s...
Limerence || FMA: Brotherhood by guresumoon_
Limerence || FMA: Brotherhoodby on hiatus
limerence; the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person. Kira, the Red Alchemist, is the apple of a certain anti-hero's eye and always will be, even in...
Fullmetal Alchemst: the Elrics bodygard DISCONTUINED by cowtittytime69
Fullmetal Alchemst: the Elrics Spicy Coffee
Star isn't what she seems, she has been working in the milatary her whole life now she has a job worth her time protecting the Fullmetal Alchemist and his younger brothe...
Wind of hope {FMA OC fanfiction} - UNFINISHED by All_in_Art
Wind of hope {FMA OC fanfiction} All in Art
The world where I am born is cruel. My country, this so small country, Amestris, is leaded by war, in hope peace would come one day. My first friendship was ruined by th...