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Beautiful Disasters [complete] by floaters
Beautiful Disasters [complete]by m
Sebastian, the bad boy with the damaged past. Chanel, the quiet girl with the damaged past. Two teenagers paired to work together don't realize just how interlinked thei...
မင္းထက္ငါကပိုမိုက္တယ္ / မင်းထက်ငါကပိုမိုက်တယ်(complete) by MinHtet819
မင္းထက္ငါကပိုမိုက္တယ္ / မင်းထက်ငါက...by Min Htet
Timetravel 😉 (owncreation) Uni/Zawgyi အျမင္မတူရင္ေက်ာ္သြားႏိုင္ပါသည္။ စစရကလုပ္ၿပီး ဆို႐ွယ္မီဒီယာေပၚတင္ျခင္း ေ႐ွာင္က်ဥ္ပါ ေက်းဇူး😁 အမြင်မတူရင်ကျော်သွားနိုင်ပါသည်။ စစရကလ...
Fire And Blood For The Throne by SlendermansBae
Fire And Blood For The Throneby stellar
"I loved him...I did. And, he's gone now." Senna slurred to the group as they all sat there and waited for the long night to come. "When all of t...
spideychelle | irondad~ oneshots by everly_reid
spideychelle | irondad~ oneshotsby everly
this book is a mix of one shots alternating between irondad and spideychelle :) character rights go to Marvel and the MCU! book cover made by me, enjoy -announcement! a...
꧁🎭Hate Poem Written With Love🎭꧂  by KO-Sel
꧁🎭Hate Poem Written With Love🎭꧂ by 🌸
အကြောင်းအမျိုးမျိုးကြောင့် ဝေးကွာသွားခဲ့ရတဲ့ကောင်လေးနှစ်ယောက် ကံကြမ္မာကပြန်လည်ဆုံစည်းဖို့ အခွင့်အရေး ပေးခဲ့ပေမယ် အထင်လွဲမှုတွေနဲ့ အတိတ်နွံထဲမှရုန်းမထွက်နိုင်တဲ့ တိမ်ယံဆင...
Just a dream.. {Marvel Universe} by Definitionofsad
Just a dream.. {Marvel Universe}by Definitionofsad
Here's to me being bored, having an active imagination, and being in an entire new universe! What could possibly go wrong? oh. Y/N (that's you) gets sucked into the MCU...
Her love & her regrets  by liveinthemoment123
Her love & her regrets by liveinthemoment123
"I don't know how was I walking with him, my heart was pleading my body to go back in my room & stay there till everyone goes so that I can sleep forever, but my f...
ONE HYUGA'S BLOOD  by Nash-nashh
ONE HYUGA'S BLOOD by Nash-nashh🤎🤍
read welcome chapter.☯️
She Hates, But She Also Loves by DandelionTheDragon
She Hates, But She Also Lovesby Dandelion Daenarys
Highest ranking; #1 in #avenge and #1 in #hacking and #7 in #lgbt About a girl with quite a horrid past, who tries to avenge her mother. On the way she meets certain peo...
My Playgirl is a Daredevil by chzkate
My Playgirl is a Daredevilby xmaiine
A playboy meets a daredevil playgirl.
Tum Hi Aana by Writerbydreams
Tum Hi Aanaby Accidentally a Writer
All of you read the story Yeh Tune Kya Kiya! Manik didn't send Nandini to jail because he wanted to punish her. But what if he had sent her to jail? What if Nandini was...
Committed To The Rivera  by akendall16
Committed To The Rivera by Kendall
Book Two of Mafia Ultimatums Faced with finding out of a terrible betrayal by her brothers Arieon grapples with how to handle it, as she seeks to avenge him. Unsure ab...
We Never Knew [ON HOLD]  by arhana12
We Never Knew [ON HOLD] by Arhana Bhuyan
Keeping a secret a secret is easy, right? All you gotta do is shut up and not talk about it. But how is one supposed to do that when the whole circumstance screams just...
The Oddities of Grand Marquis - Book 2: Bully Breeds ✔️ by strawberryichigo15
The Oddities of Grand Marquis - Bo...by Tragedy Collins
Max is gone, but the aliens who took him are far from done. Soon after Max dies, the Elbaskins take back his baby, leaving the Taylors empty-handed and empty-hearted. Ma...
Teenage Avengers by MarvelFrog
Teenage Avengersby Marvel Frog 💚
Tony Stark tries to turn Loki into a teenager to weaken him, but his weapon malfunctions and now all of the Avengers plus Loki are teens. When Nick Fury finds out, he se...
The Art Of The Tessen {A sakura haruno fanfiction} by MadameConflict
The Art Of The Tessen {A sakura ha...by Madame
*SLOW UPDATES* Sakura Didnt like sasuke she almost hated him he was snobby and didnt know what the meaning of hard work was he expected all jutsu to come easy for him he...
Giraffes by sydney4everxoxo
Giraffesby Pickle
"a beautiful, inspiring story about a boy who embarks on a journey to avenge his father"
deuxième amour by variii_s
deuxième amourby variii_s
Something happened 3 years ago to Aldrin Ledger, Something he doesn't like to talk about He lost his best friend and the girl he always wanted to be with but couldn't...
Soulbound [Sesshomaru x Rin] by Cinnamon_Ann
Soulbound [Sesshomaru x Rin]by Cinnamon_Ann
A little over twelve years have passed since Kagome came back through the Well, and five years since Rin last saw Lord Sesshomaru. But as fate would have it, a dark turn...
Werewolf Hunter by ateezistic
Werewolf Hunterby atiny
She has been hunting down werewolves her whole life ever since her parents were killed by them. It all changed when she finds herself attracted to a man who doesn't belo...