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He Loves Me (Curves and All) *COMPLETED* by mizdramaholic
He Loves Me (Curves and All) *COMP...by MIZDRAMAHOLIC
Luna Rose comes from a wealthy family with her parents and two older sisters, Celeste and Angel. Unlike her sisters who are slender and beautiful, Luna average looking a...
Undistinguished (H.P.) by DimitriLuvr
Undistinguished (H.P.)by DimitriLuvr
[adjective] lacking distinction; unexceptional. Veronica Green is a simple and average half-blood. Hidden in plain sight and blending into the background are what she do...
Finding You by dani_alyse
Finding Youby dani_alyse
"He rests his forehead on mine and closes his eyes. Instantly, my own eyes flutter shut. I can feel his lips so very near to my own. 'Mia..," he says, almost...
All Roses Must Wilt (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic) by ProfessorMoony
All Roses Must Wilt (a Tom Hiddles...by K.D. Shiro
Rose Parker is just your average girl living in London. She lives in an average house, has an average job, and has just an average personality. But if there's one thing...
About A Girl by dani_alyse
About A Girlby dani_alyse
(Finding You Series) - Book 1.5 *This book is a companion novel to "Finding You." It is strongly recommended that you read that book first.* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Dear Bully (UNEDITED) by bvtterflyeffect
Dear Bully (UNEDITED)by | a.a |
Anjana is a normal school girl, content with the life she was given. She is determined to make the last year of high school the best, as she tries to make friends and no...
Tution Wala Pyar 💞💕 by Fictional_Writing_12
Tution Wala Pyar 💞💕by Ishaan (Bear) 🐻
Every time a love story is about a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, but what if someone from a couple looks average. So let's try to look the world of love with being...
Incredibly Average| BMW Shawn Hunter  by CeeCeesStories
Incredibly Average| BMW Shawn Hunt...by CeeCee stories
Anastasia 'Annie' Barlowe, or Stacey as Shawn hunter calls her, was nothing but an average girl. She had brown shoulder length hair and her eyes were her only unique fea...
Not Your Average Teen Pregnancy [COMPLETED] by sellaturcica
Not Your Average Teen Pregnancy [C...by sellaturcica
DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS A LONG TIME AGO, IT'S NOT VERY GOOD. DON'T READ IT. Ellie McLane is staying with the Carter's, her next door neighbors with five children--all s...
The Three Boys by ehley_ely
The Three Boysby Elysia
There's Avery Sandford, the average girl. She's not very pretty just average looking. Then there's The Three Boys, Ryder Stone, Jackson Croft and Seth Hotler. They are...
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Dillagi by sunflower9320
Dillagiby sunflower9320
Her boss doesn't remember her and he thinks she also doesn't remember him. They both deny their feelings but for how long... They misunderstood each other. Would they r...
All Love Can Be Revived (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic) by ProfessorMoony
All Love Can Be Revived (a Tom Hid...by K.D. Shiro
*Sequel to 'All Roses Must Wilt'* Rose did it. She left Tom alone in New York and returned to London without him. But Rose hasn't managed to completely avoid Tom like sh...
Vanilla Chocolate by RDFarhanah
Vanilla Chocolateby Nur
The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our image. Otherwise, we only love the reflection of ourselves we fin...
Totally Ordinary kid ( Saiki Kusuo x Male! Reader) by N1k0ru_A
Totally Ordinary kid ( Saiki Kusuo...by Nicole Anastasia
( 𝖭𝗈𝗍 𝗆𝗒 𝖺𝗋𝗍, 𝖢𝗋𝖾𝖽𝗂𝗍𝗌 𝗍𝗈: FebChanSeijuro on DeviantArt) You're not a transfer student You're not a Psychic and You're not from another world Just a regu...
Knowing You by dani_alyse
Knowing Youby dani_alyse
Finding You Series - Book 2 "Oh, so you're Scott's girl," he says with dark humor. Hunter doesn't respond, but his grip on my hand tightens as the boy lets ou...
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs: Jack x Female OC by Clarissa_is_broke
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs: Ja...by Nunya Business
Princess Adeline was the fiance of Prince Jack, completely by choice. There was no, "betrothal" by their parents, Jack and Adeline loved each other dearly. The...
Random Rhymes by KaiHeavens
Random Rhymesby Kai Saya
Poems from an average bloke.
Zayn and I by isa2bella101
Zayn and Iby Me
A story of an average girl who fell in love with a member from the worlds biggest boy band. Grace was just a normal girl from New York, and once she met Zayn Malik, her...
Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee | Daniel LaRusso by mwosnsisns
Float like a Butterfly, Sting like...by ssbaiabaaab
Astoria James does it all. She is a Ballerina, Karate student and Surf instructor in the summer. She does the same old thing everyday for years until a new kid from Newa...
The World of the Unknown Twins by yuutsuboi
The World of the Unknown Twinsby Vennisse Daniella Tilan
It's about an identical twins, they are seperated since birth and don't know that they have a twin, Each have different worlds and life.. Isabella was adopted by a rich...