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Dare or Dare? | COMPLETED by leilaaadams
Dare or Dare? | COMPLETEDby Leila Adams
"We said whoever eats the most pizza has to do the dare no matter how cruel or easy it is." This is just a glimpse of our sleepovers. Ivy and Autumn always dra...
The Duke and the Deal by __lizamatthews
The Duke and the Dealby Liza✨
"She was a rare beauty that he couldn't resist." "He was a handsome devil that she couldn't avoid." * ~ * ~ * ~ * When devilishly handsome bu...
He Opened My Legs by IfThatIsntLove
He Opened My Legsby luckie
SMART GIRLS open their MINDS FOOLISH GIRLS open their HEARTS EASY GIRLS open their LEGS What happens when the SMART GIRL opens her MIND and decides to FOOLISHLY open her...
Fate, Trust and Destiny by SandhyaSharma08
Fate, Trust and Destinyby Desi Detectives
Ahalya Krishnan's life was shattered one afternoon and she was broken, beyond repair. She shut everyone out and felt that she could never be loved or deserved to be love...
Mr.Popular meets Ms.Nobody by BridgeportPrimary
Mr.Popular meets Ms.Nobodyby BridgeportPrimary
Kathy Sinclair is a nobody at school. A's, B's and even C's fill her report but she has eyes for a special someone. Brendan Ash Thomas is the school's bad boy. But surpr...
The Perfect Hour by iamera_04
The Perfect Hourby Era
Lily Ross was heartbroken after her last breakup. She planned on staying single for the rest of her life but fate decided to intervene causing her to tumble over her uns...
Captured Love by MelanieBeer4
Captured Loveby PaintedStar
Willow Monroe is a cheerful and shy collage studient. She doesn't have many friends and is suprised when one day she finds a rose with a small note sitting on her front...
The one by vicki-writes
The oneby vicki-writes
Taylor Martin is a mixture of a bad girl and a good girl; she's an average girl. She is bent on finding the person who killed her parents and put her sister in a coma. ...
Loving you (Leo Howard) by Yingaling
Loving you (Leo Howard)by Yingaling
Someone wants to be loved gets loved from someone she truly hates. Leo Howard. But will her feelings turn? Or will she always be against love
Just A Teen by asomiiz
Just A Teenby Qaisar City
What if I could change the world by LazyLilPotato
What if I could change the worldby LazyLilPotato
Scarlet Andelee is an average girl with a creative personality in her colorless, black and white world. She is an amazing artist, even though no one knows it, but she fe...
In the dark by Eva6424
In the darkby Eva6424
This story is about a sophomore in high school. She has just moved from a catholic private school to a public school where a majority of the students are Polynesian. She...
Average girl by unknowngirlsixteen
Average girlby Unknowngirlsixteen
❄Violet is the most popular girl in her school,even tho she famous she don't act like one. A lot of people in her school,friends and family love her not because she famo...
Why I Left by RachaelTinyBailey
Why I Leftby Rachael Tiny Bailey
When a normal Yorkshire girls runs away from home to live a life with who she believes is her one true love but ends up hating her decision when she finds someone new, a...
High Light Of My Middle School by InfiniteMblaq
High Light Of My Middle Schoolby InfiniteMblaq
Hello! I'm writing a Fan fiction..or Romance..Well as you know i'm a kpopper and i love Kpops..Since I wanna be a little be extra ordinary..i'll Make a Cheerleader..Jock...
A Change of Seasons by springg_melody
A Change of Seasonsby springg_melody
Stacie's been struggling to go on with her life after her grandma's sudden death. She won't talk to anyone and has almost, but not quite, managed to shut her mom out too...
"Wait... I've Been Reborn As A Guy!?" by MAHDOG
"Wait... I've Been Reborn As A Guy...by MAHDOG
A girl with the curse of exceptional averageness meets her dream guy. Unfortunately for her, that guy just happens to have a habit of luring away normal girls and murder...
Dear Diary by theinfamousgirl_
Dear Diaryby Sophia Evangelista
The Diary of an average girl; Nicole Smith, who fell for the school's popular boy; Andrew Taylor. Book Cover Credits to KeyASDxxx
One of the Boys by DillonIsMine
One of the Boysby Liv C.
Olivia was just your average senior in high school... well sort of. She never went to parties, tried alcohol, or smoked. Instead her weekends normally consisted of homew...