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❀ You Love Him, Don't You? || Ponksamdude ❀ by VinSio_
❀ You Love Him, Don't You? || VinSio
⚠️ I do NOT own the art on the cover ⚠️ • HIGHSCHOOL AU • Two boys, in rival social groups, sharing one school. You may think that they are strangers, or they absolutely...
"I'm still drawn to You" - AwesamPonk by CookieC4T
"I'm still drawn to You" - CookieC4T
Pictures don't belong to me. Dream SMP, "what if" scenario, Fluff/Angst/Smut (You have been warned).
sam and ponk cuddle not clickbait canon real?? || dropsbysam by watrklutz
sam and ponk cuddle not tobi.
just ponk and sam cuddling bc they cant keep driving bc its raining. yea i wrote this at 2 am while crying and listening to dream's new song what abt it. also i did not...
Thank You || dnf by 0nlyfanz
Thank You || dnfby 0nlyfanz
Clay struggles with home life, and his social life isn't the greatest either. George on the other hand is the popular kid in school, having no issues at home and no issu...
Awesamponk Oneshots by sleepy_flowers
Awesamponk Oneshotsby sleepy_flowers
Just some wholesome Awesamponk oneshots. :) (Cover art isn't mine!) If any of them want this taken down or are uncomfortable with shipping, I'll take this down with no...
Consequences  -Awesamponk- by D_ictador
Consequences -Awesamponk-by
Ponk Stuffers The outcome of his actions. He Loses His Lover, And his "Best Friend"? -Cover ART Not Mine- ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ Torture Manipulation Suicidal T...
♡ AweSamPonk Oneshots [book 2] ♡ by AweSam_D0g
♡ AweSamPonk Oneshots [book 2] ♡by Tommeigh 🥀
ayo, welcome back to another oneshot book! DISCLAIMER: I am not shipping the real life people, nor do I condone the shipping of real life people! *read the first chapter...
We're supposed to be enemies| Mafia/Assassin AU | 5undy by Notunbreakable
We're supposed to be enemies| Notunbreakable
✨not shipping real people, this is au is a combination of cc!MCYTS, c!MCYTS and my own imagination ✨ Dream and Fundy have been enemies for a while, now their groups are...
Room of Fears -MCYT Reader Insert- by MoMeMiMu
Room of Fears -MCYT Reader Insert-by Mo
Trapped in an endless maze of halls and cruel tests. Stuck with complete strangers that you're forced to work with if you want to survive. How will you escape? Who can y...
The Hybrid (Awesamponk) by snake_king38376
The Hybrid (Awesamponk)by ⟒⋏⎅⟒⍀⋔⏃⋏
I saw that there wasn't that much Awesamponk stories so I made this out of boredom and because WE NEED SOME OF DAT SWEET SWEET AWESAMPONK WHOLESOMENESS. (School AU)
DreamSMP Smutshots (and more) by Homobitxh
DreamSMP Smutshots (and more)by Ace
I'll add a description once I gain the motivation to do so.
Awesamponk Oneshots!! by Spotafloat97
Awesamponk Oneshots!!by Spotafloat
Honestly, this ship doesn't get enough recognition, and before you guys say "are they okay with this?!" Sam said that he was fine being shipped with Ponk as lo...
The Bully (Awesamponk) by dreamsmp45795
The Bully (Awesamponk)by dreamsmp45795
Sam is a bad boy and a bully. He bullies a lot of people but his main target is Ponk. Ponk gets bullied by him so much and he thinks about killing himself but he has fr...
AweSamDude and Ponk oneshots (Read the description please!) by AweSam_D0g
AweSamDude and Ponk oneshots ( Tommeigh 🥀
ok, so not all of these are romantic, they're about the Dream SMP characters, NOT the real people. do NOT send this to ANY CCs, that is disrespectful. there will be NO N...
Giant Lovers by SpiderLogDerp44
Giant Loversby SpiderLogDerp44
Please read 'Giant Love' to read this sequel! :) Dream thought everything was perfect. He has friends, a boyfriend, and the law now permits him to be a giant as he plea...
Mcyt oneshots by Glitchesnotfound_
Mcyt oneshotsby Glitch not found
This is just for me to practice writing, if you are uncomfortable, leave. Have fun
Dsmp Images by Aitseh_
Dsmp Imagesby Aitseh
This is just a book of dsmp fanart I might do irl pics but it will mostly just be fanart Cover image by Glowlo_ On Twitter
DISCONTINUED AND REWRITING- Awesamponk oneshots by iatewilbursoot
Most of these will probably be about Ponk idk- obviously I'll put tw's before every chapter so watch out I like angst. Love yall! <3 If Ponk or Sam see this I will p...
Mcyt one shots by Aaronisnonexistant
Mcyt one shotsby xxFadedxx
Just a random Drabble book. There will be ships, but I am only shipping their Minecraft personas and not IRL. If anyone gets uncomfortable with the ships I will delete t...
Multidimensional-Extraterrestrial Love [AweSamPonk] by AweSam_D0g
#20 Tommeigh 🥀
Continuation of a oneshot. Ponk is a doctor and scientist, he has been trying to discover another dimension other than the Nether and the End for years now. Something fi...