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An Unbreakable Bond by Janvi_p
An Unbreakable Bondby Jhanvi Paleja
this is a story about the bond between 4 brothers. there is a secret what happens when the secret is opened will their bond be the same?
Hope by jmine_sjv
Hopeby kelaymine
Hope is a girl you dont want to mess with. She can kill you in second. Be gentle when she show you her scars it take her long to heal. Jmine_sjv
My Brothers, My Life by ElijahKingston22
My Brothers, My Lifeby ElijahKingston22
My entire life my brothers have treated me like I am a fragile baby and they still do. Some of it is for their amusement and some of it is because they are just way too...
Me and my Brothers by nicholee24
Me and my Brothersby nichole
****UNDER EDITING**** My name is Denver, and I live with my three very overprotective brothers. My life may get crazy at times, but I know that with my brothers by my si...
Bond by UrvashiUnadkat
Bondby Urvashi Unadkat
i read many story about bond between brother i want to write about brothers bond for quite long time so here i am start writing this ti know more plase read i hope you a...
Her Mafia Hero by Lena0622
Her Mafia Heroby
Sara Lee Miller is a 17, almost 18-year-old girl that has never had an easy life. Her mom died when she was 6 years old and started getting abused by her father, Leo, sh...
My Overprotective Brothers by Author7789
My Overprotective Brothersby Author7789
A story about 5 overprotective brothers. Make sure to vote and comment for future updates!
My Duchess by Aychelb
My Duchessby Aychelb
Astraea is a 19 year old who moves to Italy to escape her past, to start over, and to make sure her little brother lives a good safe life. After job hunting she finds a...
Oliver Scott  by doodledoodiddle28
Oliver Scott by Doodle
Oliver Scott...part 2! My story got deleted so here's a second part! Please support this story too! ♡CONTAINS SPANKING OF A CHILD♡ ¿DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ¡ Barely is pro...
finding peace  by alexRose717
finding peace by alex Rose
Sam was abandoned at a young age. he has been in and out of foster care for the past 12 years. however, his world change when he knows of his brothers follow Sam and on...
My Overprotective Brothers by HikarinKuran
My Overprotective Brothersby Hikarin Kuran
warning:wrong grammars spellings. English is not my mother tongue(the characters names are not real. They're just made up) Ace Arthur is the a young boy and the...
Little brother by writings_my_escape
Little brotherby None of your business
Scott and Stiles. They are inseparable but maybe that because Stiles is Scott's younger brother, Stiles is only 3 and Scott is just turning 16 in this story Scott and De...
Returned  by niamarieeee
Returned by niamarieeee
Aunesti Black | Kidnapped at the age of 2, leaving behind her family a little girl with brown hair and light blue eyes. Her disappearance led to her mothers death, who l...
King's Long Lost Princess  by Sanjana383
King's Long Lost Princess by Sanjana
Hello lovelies This is my first time writing a story so please support me and English is not my first language so please do tell me about any grammatical error in th...
Older Brothers by Caspas77
Older Brothersby Dixie_Winchester😈😇
A boy has nine older brothers.
Overprotective Big Brothers by Ggukie_Tokki
Overprotective Big Brothersby 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jungkook's a teenager now, his brothers are worried for him as usually teenagers would do things that they shouldn't do. They were also worried about the boys that would...
Nappies by Jamieroodlecoskyanna
Nappiesby Jamieroodlecoskyanna
TRUE STORY I'm miles and I'm 13 and I've just been put back into nappies
Brotherly love  by doodledoodiddle28
Brotherly love by Doodle
The world of Oliver Scott just got turned upside down. What would happen if there was one more Barely boy? Contains •spanking of a child •some strong language ¿DON'T...
Baby Bro And His Princess by hersheys052002
Baby Bro And His Princessby Harshita
An OS on the beautiful relationship between a brother and Sister❤️