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The redo (Harry Potter- golden era) by boredhumanalert
The redo (Harry Potter- golden era)by boredhumanalert
It's post war and Harrison 'Harry' James potter is depressed. He's depressed that all these people gave up their lives for him. So in his sleep he just gives up. He dies...
Destiny Rewritten by Lauriver1fanboy
Destiny Rewrittenby Lauriverfanboy1
I got this idea after watching Elseworlds. How might things have changed if Oliver's arrow didn't just destroy the book of destiny? What if it also did one more rewrite...
Future to Past by HeraValla_Haddock16
Future to Pastby Lianne Parkour
The moment where 19 years old Hiccup and the whole gang suddenly appeared in the past where the Red Death is still alive, Hiccup is still a scrawny kid and have yet to m...
Blood and Ashes. by AzraelThedeath
Blood and Azrael The death
He, who was betrayed, will change the course of time. He, who was betrayed, will come to seek their blood and ashes. He, who was betrayed, will not stop even only their...
In Time (SasuHina) by littlebear9297
In Time (SasuHina)by danii 💖💕✌🏼
Summary Sasuke and Hinata two people who have never talked or interacted before, stare at two children who have both their blood in them. Neither one could have ever i...
Double Trouble ~HP (Tomarry) by cynaic_55
Double Trouble ~HP (Tomarry)by Azure Mckay
Harry Potter is frustrated by the turn of events! How did he become a Master of an immortal being? How did he come back in time? Why does he have to take care of his you...
Black Light (Naruto) by Beginning_Asuka
Black Light (Naruto)by ♡𝙾𝚔𝚝𝚘𝚋𝚎𝚛♡
BETA!! This has been somewhat edited, but it will be edited when all of it is finished!! ♡ There was nothing left but Naruto Uzumaki and the sky after the end of the dec...
Sakura  back  in  time ❦ (Naruto BIT fanfic) by VxNtAgEcOlA
Sakura back in time ❦ (Naruto ☏
Shes back in time. Who know what could happen?
DARK SOULS by slytheringal_
As Hadria Lily Potter learn how Dumbledore have manipulated her ever since the start she wanted revenge. Join her as she turn back time and make a new future.
Percy Jackson : ReLife by SamuelTracksTG
Percy Jackson : ReLifeby Samuel Tracks
Percy Jackson wakes up in a cold sweat, certain that Annabeth hated him, certain that the gods had thrown him into Tartarus because he was apparently 'too strong to live...
Kakashi back in time by Gh0_sti
Kakashi back in timeby Gh0_sti
Kakashi goes back in time before Obito's death. Naruto has sealed Kurama inside Kakashi.
The Potter Kids and the Time Turner by MaroPot
The Potter Kids and the Time Turnerby MaroPot
Harry's baby girl got him wrapped around her finger. On Teddy's 13th birthday, a bit of accidental magic from 3 year old Lily wound the Potter kids sometime else. How ca...
Change in Reality by ForgetDumbReality
Change in Realityby Day Dreamer
What if in another universe Harry Potter was actually Harriet Potter? What if in that universe Harriet Potter was thrown back in time all the way to the 1940s after her...
Demortia by VilouMakeup
Demortiaby ValentineMalfoy24
As always Harry and Draco fought, as often, the fight ended in the infirmary ... Yet this time, any change, Dumbledore tells them that they arrived 18 years in the futur...
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Hero by Darkgamer08
Percy Jackson- The Cursed Heroby Lucifer Morningstar
At the end of the battle of Manhattan, Percy kills Luke, thus destroying Kronos. But while fading , Kronos uses the last of his powers to curse the hero who ruined his...
Rachel Tempest:The True Hero by Iwonderofyou6
Rachel Tempest:The True Heroby RimuruSimp
It was the Final Battle. Rimuru Vs Ivaraje the winner will decide the Fate of the World however in the end Rimuru has been defeated... and when he just about to give up...
harry screws everyone over by stonehartreader
harry screws everyone overby ✨Aliana✨
harry potter woke up in his cupboard under the stairs despite having gone to bed as a 38-year-old with a wife and a kid on the way, oh well. he knew everything, time to...
The Love They Deserve.| MultiSaku Oneshots by Ka_Astral
The Love They Deserve.| K.A. Astral
You ever wonder why some characters never get any love... No? Well, I do! I believe more side characters and rather odd characters deserve love! Characters are only limi...
Back in Time by FalguniBorikar
Back in Timeby Falguni Borikar
The ocs are same as my other story 'Iris Potter watching the movies': Iris Potter Aires Black This story is similar to that one but contains Dumbledore, Molly, Hermione...
Yagura X Oc -I Will Change The Past To Save The Future! by risepurple
Yagura X Oc -I Will Change The Rise Purple
Akane Uzumaki is naruto's twin sister and also the Kyuubi's second jinchuuriki. She also possesses a strange kekkei gekkai known as light release, as they were fighting...