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𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝐾𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛.✔️ by yourefavoritegemini_
𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝐾𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛.✔️by ❤️🤍
"you're so fucking annoying" "Fucking language!" "Fuck you!" I spat "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you-" before finishing a tight gr...
lacuna  by quixkslver
lacuna by quixkslver
la·cu·na an unfilled space or interval; a gap. ☞︎ a story about a girl's life ☞︎ cover by @Rivulettes [ the first 39 chapters suck... bad ] #3 in badboy #3 in fight #3...
City lights & Starry skies (Capricorn x Virgo) by jungkooksgalaxyeyes
City lights & Starry skies ( jungkooksgalaxyeyes
A peaceful city of Seoul with not so peaceful people. - Virgo. They think they can catch him. They can't. Leader of the biggest gang in Asia. A criminal. He controls the...
My Step-Sisters Boyfriend by Renee_Marsh19
My Step-Sisters Boyfriendby Nooka
Riley Blake and Stacey Robinson don't exactly get along, but they can just avoid each other right? WRONG. It's a bit hard to avoid your stepsister, when you live in the...
Bad Girl [ Gene x Reader ] by Depressed_Emo_Broken
Bad Girl [ Gene x Reader ]by That Depressed Girl
Y/n is your normal bad girl of the school. Always getting in trouble, always skipping. Y/n's sister, Aphmau, is the total opposite. Y/n, Aphmau, and their mom have to m...
Delinquents At Night✔ by shakingthatassonsnap
Delinquents At Night✔by Mmmteaaa
Mia Anderson is not your average highschool nerd. She's a nerd alright but only during the day. At night she's a complete delinquent. Partying downtown, destroying state...
SHOOT by Al-Joven
SHOOTby Al-Joven
A gun is a weapon made out of thick metallic steel Smoke is a a weapon made up of thick metallic steel. A gun is a weapon that shoots bullets, Smoke uses weapons to shoo...
bad girl vs bad boy by ndiialaua
bad girl vs bad boyby ndiialaua
apakah jadinya bila seorang bad boy bertemu dengan seorang bad girl, akankah terjadi suatu kisah romansa anak remaja? atau malah sebaliknya?
Arden Garcia by __Erotica__
Arden Garciaby __Erotica__
Arden is a disappointment to her family. Lets see... what have they called her so far? Oh Right! A slut of a daughter who is a disappointment to their family and heritag...
🌠 Follow before reading 🌠 Lori is a popular student with two best friends but the school bad boy is in love with her🤭. She planned to finish school sweetly as this is...
Fuck the new life by RoseInRebellion
Fuck the new lifeby RoseInRebellion
Meine Eltern sind gestorben was heißt ich muss zu meinem Vormund der verdammt reich ist. In der Luxus Welt kenn ich mich nicht aus aber dafür in der virtuellen Welt, den...
BAD BOY|| BAD GIRL by Charity_Ryns
BAD BOY|| BAD GIRLby Charity_Ryns
Alexia Collins is a school's bad girl and her group who is always in ups and downs with relationships and also gets whatever she wants Chris Houstons in another danger...
Who doesn't love a bad girl? by Chloelynn447
Who doesn't love a bad girl?by Chloelynn447
Danny's mom had a thing about self-defense. She made Danny take karate, taekwondo, and jujitsu since she was four. Her dad was a seal. His training was her morning routi...
The Shadow Warriors | blackfrost  by depravedbitxh
The Shadow Warriors | blackfrost by depravedbitxh
still in process but some serious strong language, explicit scenes, gore and sexual content
Nadia by dumplings222
Nadiaby Daisyxo
Nadia Yassin is an art student with family issues and a past she'd rather forget about. Andres Moreno is in the same classes as Nadia and wants to get to know her, but n...
Santa's Little Helper  by bailandough
Santa's Little Helper by Sipping the T
Chemistry had always been Sawyer Annesley's strong suit. Both figuratively and literally. Her chemistry abilities are put to the ultimate test when she finds herself upp...
It Was Just A Dare by PeterPan0722
It Was Just A Dareby Peter Pan
Jax Porter has just moved to Crestwood, Pennsylvania from Las Vegas. She earns herself the 'badass' reputation on her first day of school, which causes her to catch the...
The Badboy Meets The Badgirl by black_wolf36
The Badboy Meets The Badgirlby black_wolf36
itong story na ito tungkol kay jackieleen monteveros na badgirl at kay joshua lee gonzales na isang badboy rin paano nga ba nangyari na isang tao na inlove sa isang badb...