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Vampires (Baekhyun x Exo) by kpop_686_anime
Vampires (Baekhyun x Exo)by kpop_686_anime
In vampire kingdom,king is sick and want his 11 sons to go to human world and learn how to live with humans.Before they left he told them to talk and to tell him know wh...
😇Baekhyunee😇 by chanbaekcherries
😇Baekhyunee😇by chanbaekcherries
Baekhyun was only 3 months of age when his mother died. Because of this, his father left him alone with an awful babysitter who doesn't look after him. Maybe things wi...
Prince Charming by jamssssss_
Prince Charmingby ♡
Baekhyun is common high schooler. He has a bunch of friends, lives just as any other student. However, he is facing a problem. His longtime crush is now taken. What is w...
Artificial Love  by storia7
Artificial Love by Peach&Dragons
Baek as a bully Tao as a nerd One in love and the other not Or yes? «Booo» #3 baektao #123 huangzitao
Đoản Văn BaekTao by bebobatui
Đoản Văn BaekTaoby Tiểu Thao Nhi
Đoản này mk cũng cọp trên facebook. Tại nó dài quá nên mk cho riêng ra đây^^
EXO's Secrets by IamParkChanyeol
EXO's Secretsby IamParkChanyeol
Description EXO went out because of their schedule. Leaving the sick puppy alone inside their shared dorm. Byun Baekhyun better known as EXO's lead vocalist and diva was...
Don't Go (FF) #WeBelieveInYouKris by OnlyOneShot19
Don't Go (FF) #WeBelieveInYouKrisby Kristin (黄书文)
'We are ONE. We are EXO.' This is EXO's famous line. Everyone knows that no one can separate them because they are one. But what will happen now when one of them actuall...
Waiting Over Time |Tao x Baekhyun Fanfic| by dandanieeri
Waiting Over Time |Tao x DANDANIE AERI
Tao can travel to the past and the future. He can also see and hear what the others are thinking. But with these things that he can do, are these enough for him to make...