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Banana Bus Squad x Isekai by TIMEMASTER101
Banana Bus Squad x Isekaiby Artemis099
The Vanoss Crew, a band of very dangerous, slightly chaotic, and extremely hilarious group of lovable, and hatable but yet smart idiots who always mainly loved playing v...
Banana Bus Squad || My Hero Academia by GoodHadock
Banana Bus Squad || My Hero GoodHadock
The squad is teleported to a world where 80% of the population have abilities called quirks. When they learn of a school called UA. They decide to go there and check it...
Team 6 Isekai - Holo-Verse of Madness by PhoenixTMC
Team 6 Isekai - Holo-Verse of PhoenixZA
Team 6, a group of lovable but yet smart idiots who always mainly loved playing games together. However an event occurred that would send them to a whole new universe. O...
alpha betas (x reader) one-shots by crmslyw20
alpha betas (x reader) one-shotsby lyle!!
✎ Alpha Betas one-shots, scenarios and maybe even headcanons. Romantic, platonic, or rare amount of angst - your pick. Slow updates (under major editing!) Just between...
"He loves me. He's just abusive." (BBS Ships) by VanliriousPanda
"He loves me. He's just abusive." Ya Boy Ana
More shitty one shots I wrote when I was in a dark place and didn't have the heart to throw away ⚠WARNING ⚠ THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS DIFFERENT FORMS OF ABUSE WHICH INCUDE...
Vanoss Crew One-Shots! by MoonCheese-CAKE
Vanoss Crew One-Shots!by MoonCheese-CAKE
A collection of BBS smuts/lemons, & fluffs.
Krii7y OneShots by kyrizz0
Krii7y OneShotsby kyrizz0
i have fallen in love with them and this ship jaren smith is supposedly smittys real name, used to be lukas in the story but i changed it half way into the story oops o...
You || Krii7y by lumos_candour
You || Krii7yby ~LC~
Jaren and John are as close as two people can be. That is, until John gets a girlfriend and starts to distance himself from Jaren, who realises he doesn't just miss his...
WHAT?! by snowglitchz
WHAT?!by snowflake kitsune
Half the gang decides to take a break. They go on a night walk till they get pushed into a van. What happens when they wake up as animals in places they least expected...
Psychotic Brat (H2OVanoss) by drugstoreryujin
Psychotic Brat (H2OVanoss)by Ry
Jeremy, the founder of 'The Lunatics' is in debt. One of his members injured a member of the BB Squad. He has to give one of his people up to replace the other's injure...
Smii7y X OC. by I-Got-Krusty-Krabs
Smii7y X EatMyChumBucket
The misfits were the greatest and also the worst mistake of her life.
What Are You? - Ohmtoonz Fanfiction by AnotherRainbowSky
What Are You? - Ohmtoonz Fanfictionby AnotherRainbowSky
Amazing cover art done by @Blue_Bookworm735 No one stands up for Ohm. Who would? He's an outcast. Well that was...until someone...or something came along Ships are Ohmt...
evicted ➳ kryozgaming by starkissedbxby
evicted ➳ kryozgamingby 𝙡𝙞𝙯𝙖
"its a small-ass world out here but truth be told im glad i got stuck with you"
taste ⇎ kryozgaming | ✓ by -kries
taste ⇎ kryozgaming | ✓by ali 🤍
"i love you." (READ 12:12 AM) -COMPLETED [SOCIAL MEDIA] |kryozgaming|
.+*psycho*+. || B.B.S by mitskilover505
.+*psycho*+. || B.B.Sby emma
y/n, a crazed serial killer on the loose. murdering victims one after another just for the fun of it. but she's not alone. the BBS are there too, wanting to be the only...
Unrequited || H2OVanoss by lumos_candour
Unrequited || H2OVanossby ~LC~
Evan wishes his stupid, emotional self hadn't fallen for his best friend because really, where did he think this would go? He'd just have to distance himself from Deliri...
Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [DISCONTINUED?] by moshiixoxo
Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [ the one and only
What happens when (Y/N) (L/N) and the 'Vanoss Crew' get in a fight at school? What are the outcomes of it? You wouldn't think it would be being handcuffed together, rig...
BBS One Shots by Agressive_Baby_Slug
BBS One Shotsby ✌🖤🐸🥚🔥🌈🔥🥚🐸🖤✌
Song based one shots. Smut shots. Fluff One Shots. All with BBS Squad ships. Request are open. And as always, I hope ye enjoy! Also disclaimer: I don't own any song or p...